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My CD experience so far

Just thought I would share my CD experience so far with you all. I started this diet on 12 June and in the first 4 weeks I lost 16lb. I did SS+ and had some very small meals in place of shakes on some days. However, weight loss slowed down, week on week, 9lb first week, 4lb, 2lb then 1lb. Then I went on holiday for 2 weeks ate and drank normally (lots of wine) but tried to have healthy choices where possible, still had some desserts but not pigged out. When I came back I had only put on 2.5lb. Got straight back on and went on 810, I have 3 packs a day and an Atkins type evening meal, ie the same as my family but no carbs, ie bolognese and salad, steak and salad, chicken and veg curry (no rice), chicken stir fry, I have not just had green veg, I have had some tomato based sauces etc, all the time I have stayed in ketosis, checked every morning. Yesterday at weigh in I had lost 8.5lb in a week, so now at 22lb loss. My CDC said that the weight loss for 810 is only about 2lb less per month and I have found it soooo much easier to do. It also seems that if you have a break every few weeks, your metabolism speeds up again and then you lose more. Not saying this will suit everyone, but I thought I would share it with you all.
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Thanks for sharing that! The CD journey is a VERY personal one, having lost 63lbs I'm nearing the end of my journey and last week I too moved up to the 810 Plans!! Here's to losses like yours! X
I followed a similar pattern to you: 10.6 lbs first week, 2.2 lbs 2nd week, didn't measure third week, but in my fourth week (5 days into it), I am down 1.8 lbs. I wasn't really good in Week 3, but Week 4 has surprised me a bit since I've been really good and have added cycling (at approx 10-13 mph) 18 miles roundtrip to work. I have been in ketosis this whole week and have been drinking a lot of water, but yesterday I must confess that my body wouldn't stop shaking and I supplemented with some sashimi (fish only; no rice or anything else) at lunch and then supplemented with some ham at dinner. It wasn't hunger; it was something more basic than that. That one aberration aside, I am surprised I've only lost 1.8 lbs this week because of the extra 800 cal/day I'm expending on my commute. It's a bit depressing...

I was thinking last night that I might lose more not exercising but I feel soooo much better having exercised. And for me, it's a means of getting to work so not like going to the gym.

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