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my challenge to myself!


can see the end in sight!
after losing 6.5lbs this week after a week off plan and staying the same, i have made a little challenge to myself to stay off the scales for 2 weeks, until Tuesday 5th May as i want to surprise myself and hopefully see a big loss (would love to lose 7lbs and be in the 14's!)

i have been hopping on and off the scales daily and it can really affect my mood, so want to see how i am if i stay off them for a while. does this seem silly?? i have made my bf take them to his parents house so they are completely out of my grubby little hands!

hope everyone is having a fab Tuesday, and good luck to all weighing in today! x
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Sounds like a great idea to me. I've also banned myself from the scales til my next weigh in. I had a naughty weekend & I know I'll have gained due to glycogen weight if nothing else (nothing to do with the choccie honest!). I know that if I weigh myself it'll just depress me, so that's it no scales til weigh day. Maybe I can break the habit of weighing myself three times a day...


Cambridge Consultant
Hey ..
I think thats a fantastic idea!.. Well done you for being so brave. I am a scale hopper too its ridiculous.. You have water you put on a lbs you go to the toilet you lose 1/2 a pound you have a shake put on a pound.. Its madness!!!
And really you can get on and off the scales 20 times a day but its only when you go to wi that you get the result you need for that week..

I would love to hide my scales too. they drive me nuts. even though I have just bought them.. Hope you manage to stick to it x


can see the end in sight!
Thanks ladies.... the scales are in the next village now so no choice really!! come on 7lbs in 2 weeks, that would be very nice! x


Cambridge Consultant
You can do it......
My cdc was away not last week the week before so didnt get weighed for 2 weeks by her and lost 7 3/4 in the 2 weeks was so happy!!!
I am sure you can do it....... Drink lots of water!!
It's a great idea, don't know why but makes you feel better seeing 7lbs after 2 weeks instead of 3.5 each week for 2! It's just nice seeing the bigger number losses! Good luck i'm sure you'll do it! How often do you see your CDC?


Loving losing
Brilliant idea :) - i love hopping the scales in the morning as it gives me a buzz to start the day but have started going on them even more now for some reason.
After reading your post, i am going to see if i can just look every 3 days maybe to get an even bigger buzz - hopefully!! I have a preliminary target of 16st 9 for a sponsored slim by June 12th which i am now only about half a stone away from getting to but obviously it has to stay off by then too to raise the money! As I am now doing it with CD (I lost a bit on my own first) I now want to lose a lot more by then. Have had lots of parents ask at school today to see how it is going and felt sooo good to say how close to the target I am. The final weigh in is PUBLIC at the school fete!!!


can see the end in sight!
Ibizamad (love tha name!) you will get to 16 stone 9 really soon, and much more by June! it is hard to break the scale hopping habit but i know it gets me down when it doesn't move as much so it's worth it to remove it from the equation.

applysomepressure, i see my CDC every two weeks anyway, next due to see her on Tuesday 5th so thats when im weighing myself. i count my morning naked weights as my official weight, not my evening clothed weight with my CDC! LOL cheeky i know.

Curly, i'm chuggin as we speak! xx


Gold Member
It seems to be working for me so far. :fingerscrossed:

I'm hoping that when I do weigh in next week I'll have lost over a stone. Then after that, I'm planning on weighing in monthly. I'm hoping it'll smooth out some of the 'lost 5 pounds last week but only lost 2 pounds this week' stuff that messes with your head.

So obviously, I think it's an excellent idea. :D

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