My Chatterbox !!!


Minimins gal x
Hey u all,how u doing, as i sit here tonight boiling hot,with sweat pouring off my forehead whilst typeing this post,i just wondered how u all cope with your "chatterbox".
For some reason when things are stressfull for me,which is often,and i am SSing, i just find it so hard 2 control the urge in my head that is telling me that i need to eat and the food will make the situation better,i fight it for hours then just give in,then i am so upset and annoyed with myself !! What are your tips to control your "chatterbox".Thanks take care xxx
just remember your chatterbox is like the devil on your shoulder...he dosnt have your best interests at heart and will rapidly dissapear once you tuck into that cream cake or bag of chips...

Hope you didnt succomb

Hi Jenny,

You are so right about the devil on your shoulder bit. Happens to me more times than I care to remember,:confused: