my chickens


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yeah its a bit unusual but i think they are great :) plus i get free eggs everyday :D

Camilla -

Noodle -

Daphne -

Gravy -

hope you like them :D
Aww they are lovely - I really want some ex batts but OH is still in 'thinking' mode - ie NO!

May show him those pics to show what sweeties they are x x
I love your little chickens...reminds me of when I was a child a local dairy gave my sister a chicken and we took it home, my dad built a lovely chicken run for it in the back garden of our rather posh house much to the annoyance of the neighbours. This little chicken got broody so my parents sent off for some day old chicks and my sisters and I sat with sheer delight on our faces when the lid was lifted off the box and all these fluffy chicks popped out (this was about 40 years ago and we had never seen real live chicks). About five years later when the brood had increased my dad passed away and mum could not bear to keep the chickens any more so she sold them. A guy pulled up in his car and took hold of one of the chicks....mum asked what he was doing and he said "ringing their necks" well my mum had nurtured these chicks and was not going to witness that. She made him put them all in his car alive and he had to drive off with the all flapping their wings. It was sad and funny at the same time...give you chicks and lovely life of freedom they deserve it...xx
thanks charliegirl they are brahmas not known for there egg laying though they do lay a few more look pretty chooks really :8855: