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My christmas present to myself-UPDATE -IM GOING !!

Afternoon everyone, hope all the preperations are underway for a lovely christmas...

I just wanted to say that I have just decided on a "present to myself" .... its going to be a charity trek through Nepal for the "women for women" charity :woohoo:....
I have been considering one since I started on SW -but I wanted to make sure that I could stick with the weight loss this time...and *so far so good* ...

Anyway -it was my birthday on the 22nd and hubby got me loads of smellies and the new SW mag (I wasn't expecting anything as he got me the wii fit plus n board earlier in the year) anyhooo I settled in the bath with the magazine and came across 3 challenges -2 on bikes and 1 trekking (which has to be less "sore" on the nether regions:giggle:)..it is from the 17th -27th September 2012 -which covers my mums birthday - she had breast cancer last year and also my beautiful sisters birthday- who we lost to ovarian cancer a couple of years ago.... so I feel like its meant to be :clap:
SO I have emailed them as that challenge isn't on the site yet, and I have heard back from them and now Im just waiting for it to appear on the site in the new year and then Im going to book :cross: -it gives me 18months to shift the rest of this wobble and to raise the £3300 sponsership... so I will be on here after xmas asking for fund raising ideas :D
**oohhh hubby has just declared that he will pay the £250 registration fee for me :0chacha:..so I guess its no longer "my present to myself" :rotflmao:
Now if that doesn't keep me on track then nothing will...

Anyway-I hope everyone has a truely wonderfull christmas.....:xmassign:
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What a wonderful 'gift' to yourself. I'd love to do something like that but just never made the effort.
I have thought about doing something before -but I just wouldn't have been fit enough, or confident enough about being with loads of strangers, but I have decided that its about time I started "living and doing"... even if I do get 2 years to build up to it :p
Sounds amazing!

A girl in works daughter recently went somewhere (she waffles a lot i tend to switch off!) but anyway she had to raise money for it and one of the things she did was held a meal in a local restaurant on a week day. They had a deal with the restaurant that they got £x from each person they brought and the restaurant kept the rest. Its a win-win situation, restaurant is getting people in on a quiet night eg tues and you raise money with no effort whatsoever! I think they then did a raffle at the meal which people then thought was all the money they were getting so were very generous.

Afternoon tea is also an easyish money maker if you get a few friends to make a little something each to help.

Not the most SW friendly ideas but not everyone has seen the light ;)
That is a fabulous thing to do Capricorn!!!

Is there an age limit ? I would love to do something like that but am pretty ancient.

Could you post the web address here please and yes there will be some sponsorship from me too.
Morning all

Sue -there is no mention of an upper age limit..and if you look in the galleries bit on the site there are some photos and there are all age groups in there :clap: the site you want is:-


there are some upcoming events listed but the one I want to do isn't on there yet -I keep checking as Im determined to do it -as hubby pointed out, if for any reason anything stops me (well you never know what can happen in 2 years) the worst that will happen is that I will have donated £250 (the registration fee) to a worthy cause ;)....
Hubby has said that he will help raise the money with me -I just need to come up with lots of ideas,,,, thankyou for the help so far everyone :thankyou:
I would love to do something like this! But my 2 kiddies are 6 and 2, and the thought of leaving me for 1 night horrifies me, never mind 10!!

I am hoping to when they are a little bigger. In the meantime I will stick with local charity events, this year I am training for a half marathon.

Good for you, what you are doing is fabulous. Good luck with it all.
£3300 sponsorship :eek::eek:
Yep -but the challenge I want to do isn't until September 2012... partly to give me plenty of time to collect and partly so I have time to get rid of the rest of my weight and make sure Im fit enough to enjoy it ;)..
Yeh don't worry about the sponsorship, yes it will take a lot of work, but my gdness its for a good cause. You have plenty of time, and clearly are committed - GOOD ON YA!
Thanks for the encouragement,, I have allready been sat pondering how to raise it (good job I like making lists :p) hubby is going to help me and even if I car boot etc to put towards it I don't mind -heck I have enough "clagg" as my hubby calls it to fill 2 houses so a clear out wouldn't be such a bad idea ;)...
We move back to the uk late next year and then I can hopefully rope my family in too ... until then -hubby has 1 year left in the forces so he is going to approach the higher ups to see if they can help
I don't know how I will do it -but I WILL .... Im sure I will get plenty of moral support and ideas on here,,,
thankyou all
Would you do a marathon? You could raise over £1000 for that, and you could build it into your training.
Obviously London is incredibly hard to get into, but there are many others.
Would you do a marathon? You could raise over £1000 for that, and you could build it into your training.
Obviously London is incredibly hard to get into, but there are many others.
No, a marathon really doesn't appeal to me to be honest ... this particular challenge I am waiting to be advertised online is the one I plan to do -in part because it is over my sister and mums birthdays and also because my sis used to live for her holidays -so this will be a fitting tribute to her ;)
The other reasoning behind it too is that I see the chance to visit Nepal as my reward for getting to target (which Im determined to do) and also its part of my pledge to start getting out there and experiencing things after years of just existing...


Plodding on.......
Fantastic Capricorn. I'm sure when you start fundraising you'll probably get a fair bit from this site as well. Make sure you keep posting your link and people will sign up.

Good luck and well done.

Gail x


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Yep deffo start your sponsorship page ASAP! I'll be sending something your way :D

I'm just about to start training for a half marathon in May - signed up with 30 people from school and it's to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of one of the teachers who died this year.


Just doing it this time
an extremely good fund raiser is having an alternative health (night or day) at a local place - could be a school or college. IF it's for charity they usually let you have the hall/room for free = contact all the local beauticians and reflexologists and aromatherapists etc - they come along to do 'taster' treatments for free - they leave out their flyer/brochure so they get business from it charge a minimum fee of say a fiver for 10 minutes - 15 minutes - have a raffle (all the therapists give a free raffle prize too) - I started these off (I'm a reflexologist) in our local area about 10 years ago and the schools were making up to a thousand pound in one night for their school fund.
Hi Capricorn! I've only just found this thread - as I often say - you go girl!!! This is a fabulous thing to set your sights on. I'll deffo sponsor you. I think one of the first things you need to do is set up one of those "just giving" pages. I have no idea how to do it mind, but I'm sure it's easy enough as a lot of people seem to do it nowadays. Then we can all make our donations!!

Good luck with raising the money! Lots of love, Trace xxx


I will be a yummy mummy!
Well done Capricorn that's amazing!
I do a lot of fundraising in work and there are endless options of how you could raise the money. How about organising a charity ball and auction for all your hubby's colleagues? Approach local businesses to get the venue/food for free, then approach as many businesses and any local celebs for auction prizes. Warning though... You may need to make a speech!
We too do lots of fund raising mainly for animal and cancer charities but one year it was for a children's home.

One of the most successful fund raisers for us was a dinner and auction. We approached a favourite restaurant who did a menu at cost price for us. There were two choices for each course and these were ordered in advance of the day. A bottle of wine per 2 people was also included and after that drinks were paid for. We provided the waiting on staff and one member of their staff worked free. For the auction I asked every local business, friends and poor innocent acquaintances to donate items. We had a terrific response. We such a variety of things. From a 5lb gammon joint to a cuckoo clock to watches, books, plant, a trip for 2 etc. I was auctioneer. It was a sell out and great fun.

There were 58 people for dinner and we raised 4.000€ in total.

We have done cream tea mornings with a white elephant stall and tombola and raffles. Everything donated. We had Marks and Spencer's here then and they donated the clotted cream..........do not be afraid to approach the big companies. They often have an allowance for just this sort of thing.

There is so much you can do. You will soon raise your sponsorship money.

Who knows we might just meet up a mountain in Nepal !!!!

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