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my class has closed down!!

Hi everybody.

For the past few weeks a consultant has not showed up at our group, I have phoned several times and SW wasn't sure what was going on, now our group has been taken off the website :confused:

I am still awaiting a call from the area manager to see what has been going on.

I went to another group last night, but everybody was sat in their own little groups and I just got weighed and went, last night I got my 2 stone award and I would have normally gone around class showing it off, but I just sneaked out.

I want my old group back!!!:confused: I am only 3 pounds away from getting to my target and I feel totally let down. There were no signs that it was about to close, gutted!!

Emma xx
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That's such a shame hun but stick with the other class. It may have seemed like everyone was sat in their little groups, and perhaps they were, but no-one will be rude if you sit next to them and have a chat - you'll not get to know them if you just run.

Well done on your 2 stone and here's to target!
Thanks Jaylou..

Am going to stay next week, I just hate situations when I have to talk in front of other people, and I have got used to the people from my other group and felt OK doing it, feel like I am starting all over again.

I notice you are from Lincolnshire, me too, am in North Lincolnshire, whereabouts are you? x
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aw em! id be so gutted too! i really hope you find yourself a new, nicer group soon! my groups like family, so if its anywhere near the same.. esp so close to target it'd be like being so close to such an amazing moment, and you want to share it with those who know you, appreciate the hardship of it all and have been with you through your journey- your C is SO out of order and id be well ****ed off, tbh.

:( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx congrats on being so close to T! x


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that is so bad not informing you or getting another consultant to take the group - but then, IF your consultant has just done a bunk ??? = they may not have known.



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Aww hun, that's awful. I'd hate that. I find it really strange of the C to just not turn up, there should normally be cover so she obviously hasn't informed anyone, how odd!
Surely the other members are in the same boat as you though so maybe you could arrange with some of your friends from group to go to a new one together? x


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Congratulations on your award! Excellent news.

As for the group closing, you could always become a C yourself...

In all seriousness, when you go to the new one this week, stay. You'll never get to know anyone if you 'sneak off' each time. It will be different and you may find yourself comparing the new group and C against your other one, but, you will soon get into it. Besides the group is different but the diet is the same!

Keep up the great work, when people reach their targets it really inspires me to keep at it too.

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