My Colonic Experience


I had put a colonic hydrotherapy as one of my starting motivational goals, and had it a week into doing CD.

As promised I mentioned I would let you know how it went, well here goes.

Felt really nervous about going and turned up 15 mins early, as I wasnt sure where the place was. Sat in waiting room, surroundings very nice and modern - a newly established business. The therapist was working on her own today (Sat), usually there are three therapists.

She took me into the therapy room which had its own en-suite, again very nicely furnished, and explained everything she was going to do.

I had to take my garments off from the waist down and lie on the bed on my side, when the 'tube' was inserted:eek: .

You then lie on your back and the treatment begins. To be fair it was all very civilised and private. The therapist talked to you as if you were having a coffe at starbucks - or any other coffe house!!!;)

The therapy itself is a cycle motion of filling up your colon and then flushing it out. Sometimes it felt a little painful when filling up the colon, but I had forgot to ask her to stop:eek: , which was what I was supposed to do...
To be honest, it felt similar to taking a load of laxatives and then spending an hour on the loo, but without the flushing of water inside you.

Halfway through I had to sit on the toilet, as there were some things in there that werent budging, and then went back to the treatment.

I guess my expectations of coming out all light and airy fairy, as I had not an experience to reference it to, was not right. I did feel cleansed and empty, and it did feel good, it was just ....different!

If you are thinking of having it done - then think seriously and go for it. I would have another one, but not just yet:) .

Finally I had weighed myself before I went and came back weighing 2lbs heavier:eek: . I think that was to do with still having water inside me, as today I have weighed myself and lost 3lbs.

Hope this helps.

Take care

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Wow sounds good, would be nice to have your bowel cleaned out after filling it with the crap (pardon the pun) you have eaten over the years.
May consider this in the future.
Thanx x


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I would love to have this done - did you see the Spa of embarrassing Illnesses? Would imagine it'd take few sessions to get that 'light' feeling tho.


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I quite fancy having a go! I wonder how my husband would react if I asked for one for Valentines Day - he usually gets me a voucher for a back and shoulder massage!


Mike - Good luck on Saturday.
Any tip? - Relax and be open minded and behinded:eek: :D :D :D :D

Yorkiegirl - I found my local one the same as Mike by searching locally in my area - it was really difficult at first, had looked last year some time, but now it seems more popular. The place where I went also does Cosmetic Surgery like Tummy Tucks - if I get to my ultimate goal and save a few pennies, may consider;)

Natpot - I didn't see Spa of embaressing Illness, but I would agree that it probably would take a couple to get completely empty.

Bettyboo - Maybe we are tougher inside than we think:)

Sonkie/D_Q/Amandajayne - Was it worth it? I think it was for me, may not be everyones cup of tea!!!

I am going to have another one about June/July time, hopefull I will be nearer my goal loss.
Here's hoping.

Take Care