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My Consultant Is Losing Interest

Recently I've been seeing posts on here about SOTY and Woman of the Year awards, being given in class. My group hasn't been informed about any competitions like this.

A while back a member of the social team pointed out to my consultant (in class) that *I* might be eligible for some sort of award but the consultant blew it off...telling the class in general to "Look out for any SW competitions and apply for them yourself, or just write to SW and try to get into the magazine". Typical of her attitude.

For the last couple of weeks she's had no Hi Fi Bars or Scan Bran on sale, because "They haven't sent any". A couple of times she has "forgotten" to buy a raffle prize and she has stopped puting out a regular display of mags and books. The week before last she didn't know the password for the SW website!!!

I like my class and the other ones are MILES away (I don't drive). I like the social aspect of SW (I'm relatively new in Manchester and desperately need to meet people that aren't just friends of my OH). Plus, despite everything, my consultant IS very encouraging and kind. BUT I'm sure I can lose weight alone and I would benefit a lot from saving £4.50 per week.

I don't know what to do.
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I don't do SW but my suggestion is to e-mail SW directly to put in an offical complaint.

SW won't know how their consultants are doing unless people tell them, good or bad.

Hope things pick up for you


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Sorry you don't feel that you're getting a fair deal at class but I must admit that I feel very uncomfortable about jumping straight to a complaint to head office. Personally I think that as a matter of courtesy you should raise your concerns with your consultant first. After all if she's not aware that you, and maybe others in the class, are not happy then how can she change things? If, after this, things don't improve then you want to consider approaching HQ.
Have to say my CM doesn't imspire me,I get more from other class members and coming on here and facebook SW.The next class to me is on a Thursday morning which is no good for me so will just have to stick it out at current class.

Diane :sigh:


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Sounds as if you and your consultant need to get together for a little talk, I'm sure she will oblige if you tell her your concern's, good luck with it. X
I'm with Circes and Donnie- speak to her before you go straight to HO- you never know if she has personal problems herself- I know this shouldn't affect the service she gives you, but I think it a fairer way to tell her how you feel and use the 'official complaint' route if nothing changes and you remain unhappy.

I would voice your concerns to her first and if she does nothing about it then go to Head Office. It's not on the way you're being treated at all. You pay good money for a good service. Good Luck xx
My group don't do things like this either...and I do feel like I'm missing out - but my consultant is a fab woman. If I mention anything to her, she'll know about it and then bring it up. It shouldn't be that way, me finding out about things on here and then having to tell her...but that's the way it is!

Do you like her as a person? Do you feel like you could say to her after class one night (help her pack up or something) 'are you ok, cos you seem to have lost your oomph a little bit' kinda thing? Open up a conversation and see how it goes. You never know, she might be having problems at home that are impacting on her time and enthusiasm for group.

At this stage I wouldn't go to HO about it, but if it continues without any improvement perhaps an email to them with your concerns...they should get in touch with her manager and she might get some support from them, hopefully.

Or come to my Prestwich class!


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In my opinion, what a C is like can make or break someone's will to carry on with SW. I wasn't overly fond of my first C, and left that group. Luckily this new C of mine is amazing.

It does sound like she's not giving 100% and there may be underlying reasons for this - she might be having a bad time etc.

But, at the end of the day, you pay to go and pay for the support of a C. It seems unfair to me that what you get out of SW can vary so much between groups.

My C was 'marked' this week - her boss came in and was scoring her and making comments. So SW DO try to keep their eyes out.

You have two options;

1 - Ask her for a chat 1-to-1 and express to her how you feel. This is a brave move incase she takes offence, but is good in the sense it's addressing her before acting elsewhere.

2 - Give SW a call and maybe they'll have her assessed sooner.

Like I said, C's are human too and she may be having a bad time herself. But again, you all deserve a C who is giving constant and consistant support. Sorry you're feeling this way - it isn't nice.

Hope things pick up xx
I would take my complaint straight to head office, I wouldnt confront the consultant about it, chances are from the sounds of it, she probably wouldnt take it very well and it might make it even worse for you.

At least if you voice your concerns to head office it can be dealt with anonmously, she will know it is someone from her group, but not who. iykwim.

It might make her finally put in more of an effort for her meetings.
I'm with Britmum on this one. If you go to your C directly it could make things really awkward and you might not want to go back to group which would be worse! I'd drop head office a line x
I think that there has been lots of good advice given, but is there a possibility that she just runs her class differently than others? The only reason I say this is in my class we have no raffle, no tasting nights, no soty(that I am aware of) c is good and motivating, and has many very busy classes in my area. Is there guidelines anywhere on exactly what a class should consist of?


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I'd email SW, after all their classes are supposed to be run in a prescribed manner, and not having the bars books and magazines is not on . I know you're supposed to plough back a certain percentage of your profits into running the class. Is she leaving do you think? And doesn't want to get left with stock? SW take the standards of their classes very seriously, but can't act unless they know whats going on.


I will succeed!!!
I'd email SW, after all their classes are supposed to be run in a prescribed manner, and not having the bars books and magazines is not on . I know you're supposed to plough back a certain percentage of your profits into running the class. Is she leaving do you think? And doesn't want to get left with stock? SW take the standards of their classes very seriously, but can't act unless they know whats going on.
I agree - it's not like SW sell their bars etc in other stores. x
Is she leaving do you think? And doesn't want to get left with stock?
I've been wondering about that. In fact, I asked the lady that helps her whether she thought my consultant was going (since she had no stock). The reply was a very snappy "NO! She just hasn't been sent any!". But I thought her whole reaction was odd.

I want to thank everyone for their advice. I think I'll take it up with my consultant before deciding what to do next. I'll email her with some points and ask what her plans are. I like her, I don't want her to go and she may have something bad hanging over her that is causing a temporary problem.

Once she has replied I'll decide on my next move.
If you've got the materials you need, you can continue without the group. Going to another group does not guarantee that the new consultant would be any different/better.
Also, despite our best intentions we are only humans leading busy lives with unexpected events popping in every now and then, and also when motivation levels are low, going to a group that is miles away won't make things any easier, in fact it might well be a factor/excuse to not go..especially if you start paying more money in transport expenses.
If she's kind and encouraging, which is a good start then maybe it's a good idea to approach her with the group. If other members feel the same way you do, then maybe it's a good idea to raise your concerns in a friendly, non accusing way.
She may well have reasons behind her poor performance, but as a paying member, you have every right to expect her to deliver 100%.. this may sound harsh, but we all have personal problems.
If however you're the only one who thinks so, then it might be time to go solo.
Also, those ''extra'' features and activities that you hear/read about.. maybe they're just down to the consultant's personality rather than something obligatory that you paid for?
I would approach your C first. i'm a complainer by nature but you never know what may be going on. Maybe hang back after group and help her pack up. maybe start off with a 'oh there's no Hi-Fi bars again, is it the weather holding up delivery' summat like that.
If you get nothing from it, then it may be time to go to SW themselves.
Also, have you spoken to any other members of the group about this? How do they feel about her attitude?

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