my diary by Harry Valentine


Hello my name is Harry Valentine tomorrow I will be starting a strict diet and exercise plan to help me reach my goal weight of 10 stone 10 pounds.

I would like to do daily posts of what I have eaten, the exercise I have done and what I have found hard and need help/advice with. I also want to have before and after pictures to show the effects of this weight loss.

please feel free to ask me anything at all before I start and also do you think daily posts are to much? Cheers.
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Day 1

12 stone - goal 10.10

Today i think that i've done very well and has filled me with confidence for the upcoming days. I'm not sure if my calorie intake was high enouth for the amount of exercise i did so please give me you thoughts on that. Total (2060 kcal)

Breakfast - porrige that was left to soak in fridge over night in water with protein powder (920 kcal)

when digested was followed by 2 hours 20 mins cycling

followed 15 mins later by 1 bananna and half a scoop of protein powder (100 kcal)

Lunch - 1 tin mung beans, 1 tin of tuna and leafy greens salad (375 kcal)

followed by 30 min walk with the dog

Dinner - bean and ginger stir fry and tuna steak (470 kcal)

followed by 1 bannana (75 Kcal)

bicep exercise

follwed by 1 tiny bannana and a scoop of protein powder (120 kcal)
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