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My diary - simples :) not goodbye..

Well...packs have arrived. I have weighed in this morning...a little heavier than I had thought. I weigh 20 stone 11 lbs....and I will NEVER again weigh 20 stone 11 lbs!

I have never been as motivated as I am just now. I have so many reasons to lose weight and stay slim. I can't remember when I last weighed a 'normal' weight or was not morbidly obese. I AM going to weigh 10 stone 7 when I finish my diary. I am not setting a date just yet as we shall see how much weight I lose weekly for the first couple of months...I don't want to set myself up to fail. I don't have much support around me in the 'real' world so I am so thrilled to know you are all here and going through the same journey.

So here it is ...

Day 1 - Vanilla shake at 7am. I had read so much about the shakes and how they tasted, I must admit I prepared for the worst...however...I LIKE it!! LOL Off to a good start. Got a trip away coming up but I am determined to hold firm. My first goal is the 2 stone mark...I am aiming to achieve this in the first 5-6 weeks. Looking forward ti getting to know you all along the way :)
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Good luck with your journey! I had a banana shake this morning, and I quite liked it too!

I don't have much support in the real world either, I think everyone just thinks "not another diet!". I really want to make it work this time.
Good Luck -all the products are actually very nice and very edible. I often have a craving for a bar and either tomato or thai chicken soup!

And they are so easy -in fact if I didn't have to cook for anyone else I'd consider living on them quite happily.
Cheers folks :) AbbieK....we can be there for each other. I know what you mean about other people....we'll show them this time though! :)
I had the choc shake....was ok. The vanilla seemed a little sweeter.
Still going strong :)
simples did you say you're an aberdonian? if so and you ever struggle and need "real life" support then shove me a pm :)
Cheers colly, will do :)
Glad to have made it through today....I had forgotten how much the drive for food can feel!
Day 1 done. Shakes nice,....raisin, nut bar left a horrid aftertaste!! Not having those again. :(
Can already sense I may end up adding a small evening meal...but it will be v v small. I still need those weight losses!!
Good luck Simples & you too AbbieK. Don't forget to keep your water drinking up - I found the bars better if I had them in very small pieces and drank water with it. It takes me about half an hour to eat them - and I only have them on weekdays when I am at work!

I never thought I would say it - but I really enjoy the shakes - especially vanilla - make them up with vey cold water & a bit thinner than the instructions say.
Hiya everyone and cheers for all the support....and back at ya! :)

Well...I ended up in bed last night at 9pm...kept thinking about food and needed to just get away from it.

Since I got up this morning I have not felt hungry at all. I ahve not had my morning shake yet as I think I maybe had it a bit early yesterday. Not sure how I will fit them in when I am at work but we will cross that bridge when the time comes.

How is everyone doing today?

I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. I mentioned to someone today that I want to initially lose 5 stone and then review after that. She pointed out that I said the same thing this time last year....not going to be saying the same thing next year!. Going to do this...no stopping.

I like the fact that there is a plan that allows me to add a little bit of food without feeling like a failure too. :)

Good luck today eveyone.....here's to another good day:D
Well done so far, you've got the right attitude, never again will you have to say those words once you stick to the diet. I'm on day 22 now & it is def easier as you get on. Keep up the great determination & prove to those you'll never say you'll be 5 stone lighter, cos you will be there already.
An early night sounds like a good plan, I think I'll be trying that tonight! Got to decide if wether to stay in (and risk eating again) or go out (and go past the Donut Shop), or try and find something else entirely to do!

Did you find you were really cold last night? Before my lapse, I had a nap and I was freezing!

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