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My diary to Refeed

well going to keep a bit of a diary going to see me through to refeed as i been feelin down n out last couple of days

Ate saturday night which i arent too bothered about as it has re focused me.

Going to start refeed tuesday 14th july, a day earlier than i planned but will be best. so thats 8 days to get through which isnt too bad really.

Will stick at it 100% as i only wanna loose 5 more pound then im at my goal of 14 stone dead.

Got on scales this morning and am down about 2lb from last weigh in so expecting to loose around 2 to 3 pound this week, with weigh in being wednesday.

Anyways gunna keep it all in this and do some progress pics from right at start of LT in jan and now so keep posted lol
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Anyway ill start with my entry for today lol

2 hours sleep last night :( bad start but hey ho, started work at 6. working till 6.

Not feeling too bad just a little tired as to be expected.

Had one shake so far and went down well lol also washed down with a few black coffees and some marlboro lights lol

Gym when i finish to work my arms as i didnt have chance yesterday then a bike ride after i thinks

Feeling positive for the next few days really isnt long now to go


I will be skinny again!!!
Hope your ok baby :) xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Adam

All wasnt a waste after Saturday...got you all geared up for the big re-feed! You sound a bit more positive.

Have an absolutely fab week and will be keeping up with your diary.

You will be there before you know it.

Take care.
Thanks babe i am great lol :jelous: xxx

Hi Adam

All wasnt a waste after Saturday...got you all geared up for the big re-feed! You sound a bit more positive.

Have an absolutely fab week and will be keeping up with your diary.

You will be there before you know it.

Take care.
Thank you very much, lots better now very focused and positive, it was just what i needed to give me that last push to the end.

Hope you have a good one too.

Not long to go now for the re-feed Adam, you have done marvellous. Well done.
Thank you very much and indeed not long at all little sad bout it but happy at the same time lol
Anyways, yesterday was pretty tough due to being tired but perked up at the end of the day lol

finished work at 6pm, straight to the gym to do my arms, then when i got home out for a bike ride, did about 15 or so miles which was good.

Asleep for half 9 to 10 o clock and wasnt feelin hungry or nothing just very focussed.

Up for work this morning feeling very good again. Its all frame of mind end of the day.

7 days to go now. gunna do chest in gym tonight and then hit some cardio probably cross trainer.

fist portion of shake at about 9am i think.... cant wait lol


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good luck adam ;) :) sounds like u have your mind made up and can do it ! ;) :)


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Good luck Adam, you have done fantastically and you're so nearly there. Good luck with you week.


Positivity is the key
Hi Adam,
great to see you so focussed, helps the rest of us to keep going to achieve our goals. Best of luck with this final week.
Well done Adam, sometimes it takes a little slip to refocus some people, it did me lol.

You are definitelyin the right frame of mind now, and on the right track. 5lbs will be gone in no time at all. Good Luck x
Thank you everybody. Really good frame of mind at the minute

Felt week this morning as per usual now (lack of sleep and long hours plus worked a lot of my days off too lol)

all good though now cant wait to get finsihed and get to gym now


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Adam

I enjoy reading your diary; you are really going for it now. That wee blip has helped you re-motivate with a real passion, eh!!! Oh, you are gonna do it and we will all be waving flags for you with joy and excitement.

You have been one big inspiration, always so honest and committed.

I am willing you on for your re-feed day!

Almost 6 days to go now ;-)

Have a good day..and you know, I take my hat off to you and your excercise regime...wish I could be so motivated.

Take care
Thanks scotsmist, its much appreciated

well 6 to go now not very long at all weigh in tomorow which im very excited about lol

felt so lack of energy this morning obviously because of work but knew i would be like this having worked so many hours recently.

Felt rather hungry this morning, gunna have a first portion of choc shake very shortly :)

Not sure weather to go gym tonight or not think ill give it a miss as i could do with a bit of a break
Also meant to say was my nephews birthday yesterday so called down for an hour. my sis and nephew was trying to give me some birthday cake and pizza lol. looked very nice tbh but wasnt even tempted in the slightest lol

Think it was the best thing i could of done was eat on saturday as its set my mind and also i reckon id of caved in eventually anyways lol


Here we go again!
Good luck for your wi tomorrow Adam. I'm sure it will be great like your other ones.

Also good luck for your refeeding in 6 days. You will do brilliantly again! You are so focused and committed to this, which is great inspiration for others, especially if they are struggling.

Enjoy your refeeding and reaching that 14st mark. You deserve all the praise you are getting cos you have done so well!!
Thanks very much really tired though now going to have a nice lay in in the morning

Then after weigh in a nice big gym session lol

bout to have my last shake of the day now a nic choccie one yum


Motivated by you lot!
Hey Adam,

I imagine this is very inspirational to a lot of people - it definitely is for me. It goes to show that straying a little is not the end of the world, and it's good to see how you picked yourself up and seem even more motivated (if possible!) than before.

I am looking forward to hearing how your refeed goes as well.
cheers matey

Gunna put some progress pics on very soon, hopefully it will help others

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