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My diary

Finally got round to posting a diary lol

So yesterday (Wednesday 2nd June) I had;

breakfast; spaghetti on toast

lunch; chicken salad

dinner; 2 slices of chicken and tablespoon of mash and salad, a pear for dessert.

Today so far,

Breakfast; 2 slices of toast and a nectarine

lunch; 2 slices of chicken and salad plus a small orange.

I also had a slim fast bar while shopping.

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong plz?
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Hi Nicki,
That all looks fine to me to be honest Nicki!

I'm clutching at straws here but did you have any butter or margerine on your toast or in your mash?
Butter has a very high concerntration of fat, so even if you don't have a lot, it could still cause a side effect. Check the tub of whatever you're having just to be on the safe side.
Any dressings or anything on your salad? Full fat mayo is a no-no, as are some coleslaws and full fat salad dressings.

Other than that, I suppose the only thing to check would be the chicken - did you cook it yourself or buy it sliced? Either way, make sure that all the fat is removed and you should be fine.

I don't know about the slim-fast bars, but maybe Kes can advise on those? I know she did slim-fast for a while...

Try not to beat yourself up too much though, it could even be something that you ate a couple of days ago. I'm normally a next day kinda girl, but some of the others on here have seen side-effects up to 3-4 days after they ate the offending food!

Good luck, and keep posting!
I'm not entirely sure but I think the slim fast bars aren't within the rules...
I had the same feeling KB, but I think I remember Kes saying that some of the shakes aren't within the rules so I don't know if I'm thinking of that instead...


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im putting my bet on its the bars.
was it the snack ones???
as ive had them and got the same thing... quite shocked and dissapointed because they were so nice!!

they are not in the rules.....


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yes, it came as a supprise to me... and i was rightly dissapointed because ive been on them now for about 8 months and that has been the only time ive gotten oil!!! ehhhh
they are evil!! lol
4th June ;

breakfast; beans on toast (no marg)

lunch; small bowl of chicken and mushroom pasta

dinner; 2 boiled potatoes and mixed veg

no snacks xxx


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hey nicki... how you going?
Hey kes not too bad sorry I haven't Been posting, my 3 yr old son is a type 1 diabetic. He's been quite sick so all my time is on him. No orange oil so I'm presuming I'm doing something right! Last Friday was a 7 lb loss so I'm hoping this Friday brings more good news! Xx


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7lbs WOW... THATS FAB!!!

oh i hope your little one perks up a bit! wish him well from me (the perfect stranger lol)
Wednesday 9 th

breakfast; 1 pear
lunch; 2 sandwiches, extra low fat mayo, cheese lettuce and cuecumber
dinner; weightwatchers meal with extra veg


breakfast; sandwiches with low fat Mayo, cheese and lettuce

lunch; half a bowl of low fat pasta

dinner; weightwatchers meal with extra veg and ketchup

No snacks.

My horrid husband is no help, he ordered takeaway Tuesday night and I had to sit there and watch him eat it, it's only when he saw me drooling he said 'oh Sorry I forgot u can't eat like me anymore....'


breakfast; skipped breakfast, didn't have time

lunch; low fat Mayo, cheese and lettuce sandwich

dinner; weightwatchers meal, with veg


breakfast; skipped breakfast

lunch; a weightwatchers yoghurt and weightwatchers cake slice

dinner; spag bol. Light dolmio sauce and extra lean mince. Not bad tasting :)

Breakfast and lunch; a Sandwich with weightwatchers cream cheese and lettuce, weightwatchers yoghurt

dinner; baked potato with chilli, weightwatchers dessert

Breakfast; weetabix

lunch; sandwich with weightwatchers cheese and lettuce

snack; weightwatchers yoghurt

dinner; weightwatchers meal bulked up with veg


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hey, your food looks good, and making me want to eat everything on there lol...


your hubby is well charming for doing that to ya!! ggrrr i would ahve slapped him one! lol

how is your little one?

how are you finding it???

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