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My diary...

Relle said:
Oh good! Not only me!! :) xx

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Me too Hun, starting again in morning. Hope it'll boost my weight loss again this week!
I wondered the same actually. I worked out I've not been terrible, well, I've been bad, but could have been worse, I mean, I usually have 1000 calories & exercise....today I've not done any exercise at all and by the end of the day I should still be on <2000 cals, but feeling fat, lol.
Oh well, as I said, tomorrow - back to it, low cal & lots of exercise!


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Today I consumed less than 1100 cals but despite having good intentions & planning on exercise I just haven't had chance.
At least my food choices/cal in take was ok! I'll try & get back on board again tomorrow, I had exercised every day for over a month...and now I've taken 2 days off, feeling a big disappointed in myself but only I can change that.

Out of curiosity...does anyone NOT exercise but still loose weight (concentrating on diet along) ? - don't worry, that's not my plan, just wondering.

***yawn*** shattered & off to bed! I feel as though I could sleep for a week solid!! Lol.

Night all xx

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I havent exercised in about two weeks and i'm still losing, in the end its 99% about food. I really need to start again though because i miss it but I am just feeling so exhausted all the time!

How are you today?

The Moog

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I don't/can't exercise and have lost weight. I am trying to do some minimal tai chi with physio support but it's difficult to manage much at the moment.

So yes - it's very possible to lose weight without exercising, although much healthier to do both if you can!
Thanks for your answers girls!

I'm feeling better today, probably because I got a better nights sleep. Feeling positive about my food choices again & motivation is back.

How are you guys? X

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Here to confess

I have been awful.

I am talking in the space of a week, I've eaten chinese, chips, m&ms, mars bar, cadburys creme egg - NO EXERCISE.

And guess what? None of it was THAT enjoyable.

I had to confess:cry:

So today is a new good day -I got up and did just 15minutes on the Wii/advanced step (not much, I know, but a better start to the day that nothing, and I was weighing anyway)
I had breakfast of Jordans Berry Granola (so yummy) with a small amount of skimmed milk.
I'm out for Sunday lunch with family, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem and then i'll exercise this afternoon and have a light tea, probably an Ainsley cuppa soup.

Don't think bad of me girls :-( lol
I've been beating myself up enough about it.

Oh, and I ought to mention, I've put on 3lb (I was expecting 5lb) I certainly feel fat and sluggish:(
I feel so much better when being good.

I'm hoping with focus I'll loose that 3lb within the week.
I have just found your diary by chance and since I am calorie counting I thought I would have a quick look. It sounds as if you have been doing great and this last blip is just that-a blip. Just carry on as you were doing as this is the way you won't get back into the spiral of gaining loads of weight. The difference now is that you can have a blip and then get back on the wagon rather than it being the end of your healthy eating. Everyone has a deviation along the road. Good luck.

The Moog

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It's a blip and you'll have that weight shifted in no time. This week's weigh-in will be a good one because you're in the right mind-set now.

Overall you're doing really well. Stick with it :)
First day fully back on board!

Breakfast:Jordans Berry Granola - yum yum with a splash of skimmed milk.

Lunch: Pineapple (approx 150g) Ainsley Harriott Thai Chicken & Lemongrass cuppa soup & a banana.

Tea: Curly Kale, cougette & broccoli (all piled high) with one Youngs Basa Fillet in a tempura batter.

Also had 8 pints of water + 2 green teas + a bovril.

Did 30 minutes on TBL for the Wii burning just less than 200 cals.

Tomorrow WILL be another good day! Let's get shifting this weight!


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