My Diary!


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Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum but definately not to dieting. I am hoping that by keeping a diary for everyone to read that it will keep me on track.

A bit of history about me - I was never thin nor fat growing up and never entertained dieting until 2001 - looking back now that was the worst thing I have ever done in my life. I joined WW and quickly lost 2 stone to take me to target and found it very easy until I put it back on 2 years later.

Bring on SW - again lost 2 stone very easily and maintained for 4 years with no problem - then came a house move, a job change and the death of my Grandma and the weight piled back on along with another 2 stone!

I have been dieting all year and am a whopping 3lbs lighter than at New Year and I am completely obsessed with anything to do with diets. I feel I need to clear my head of points, calories, syns etc as I really beat myself up if I have a bad day and it turns into a bad week/month etc (I am sure you have got the picture) anyway I have decided that I am going to try to eat healthily and exercise and hopefully not get obsessed again. I am a fan of the Paul McKenna book and think his ideas are good if only I could forget about formal dieting and just try to be heathily.

Sorry to rant on my first post but already I feel better for getting all that off my chest. If anyone as any tips that will help me I would be grateful to hear them.

Seeya Soon.
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Hi Lizzie - Thanks for taking an interest.

Yesterday didn't go aswell as I hoped it would but then it didn't go too badly either. I didn't really have any proper meals but ate bits all day even though they were quite heathly snacks.

So far today on the other hand has been fab and I have found my positivity again - had 2 heathly meals and another one cooking as we speak and so far no snacks and I haven't wanted any either.

I will do this and be an heathly weight!!!


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Hiya Be Positive :wavey: :)