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My diet is ruined! So Upset!

Im furious! My mum was supposed to be coming back yesterday so we went to manchester to pick her up but found out that the flight has been delayed till the next morning. I ended up having to stay in my sisters house and did not have any LT sachets on me coz obviously i was thinking that we will go home straight from airport. coz i live far from my sisters i couldnt even go back home to get some. SO I ENDED UP EATING!... i did not have carbs. just had grilled chicken and lamb and scrambled eggs for brekkie. Im going to start back on LT tomorrow am but i am really gutted coz i was doing so well and my weigh in is on wednesday and i am gonna have a horrid weigh in!... :( :break_diet:
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awww thanx irene
well its taught me a lesson, i will always carry my handbag loaded with LT sachets even if I am across the road from home coz god knows what is gonna happen.I just thought it was a straight forward pick up but boy was i wrong!... i guess i'll just see what happens on wednesday. thanx tho x


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I agree with Irene that you could have eaten a lot worse...so well done for choosing your food sensibly...good luck with your WI on wednesday!!! Caz xx
Please don't panic, it is not ruined, you may well still be in ketosis and if not for what you have eaten you will be fat burning again very quickly.

As you have said yourself it is always worth having a couple of spares in your handbag for emergencies. I have also read on here in the past that you can substitute a shake for skimmed milk if really desperate and still get some of your nutrients.

Good luck for the weigh in and hope your mum is now back safe and sound x
Dont panic it could have been a lot worse you were really good in what you ate and I think you will be ok with regards your WI

All the best
Sharron xx
thanks guys...
irene we dont get bars unless on maintenance. just shakes at the mo. i always keep spare in my handbag... but i left my bag at home coz i was going with sis and brother in law so i didnt have anything!!! hopefully i will be ok... ! xxx thank u
arrrggghhhh i know the importance of refeeding now. i am feeling so ill. i have been to the toilet a million times already!!!! well obviously i couldnt refeed. im drinking lots of water hoping it will help clear my system
Hi bride to be
I hope you don't mind me asking do you think you are ill because you ate. It's just that I was thinking of chancing it on christmas day to have a dinner. Somebody I work with said when they were doing lipotrim, they just ate and went back on it with no problems. But reading this forum I know everyone's advice is sensible when they say refeed should be done. Im confused only because I dont want to refeed yet. I hear of so many people saying it's hard to get back on it and I dont' trust myself.:(
hey binger.
i do think that the reason why i feel ill is because i ate. alot of people in the forum say that you should refeed properly because if you dont then eating all of a sudden could make you ill. the thing is tho it is the first time i felt like this. the first time i had a cheat day was coz of my surprise leaving do at work so obviously i didnt have the chance to refeed, but i felt absolutely fine. but this time! argh! i keep going to the loo and needing to drink lots of water. i feel so thirsty!.
maybe what you could do is refeed for a couple of days instead of the whole week. when i stopped doing LT the first time i did not refeed. I did not put that weight back on straight away. i lost a stone and a half but put half on again, bear in mind this was over 3 or 4 months because i didnt eat the right stuff. but in the first month i did not put any weight on., im sure you will be back on LT within a week or 2 so i wouldnt worry too much. when i have cheated i have not refed or anything, even when i have planned to take a break and i didnt put weight on, but this time im ILL! lol... i guess everyone is different in that sense, but generally yeah if you dont refeed you could get like me, i think its just coz i ate out of the blue and my stomach couldnt handle it. sorry im rambling now, best thing is to refeed for at least a couple of days... x either that or stick to a high protein meal instead of one full of carbs
Hi Bride to be I am sure you hav'nt done too much damage, its suprising how forgiving LT can be sometimes.

You really should ask your Chemist to order you some of the bars. Once you have been on the drinks for two weeks it is OK to have them so they shouldn't refuse and as the Irene H said earlier they are just so handy to keep in your handbag.

Good luck for your next WI.
WHAT! YOU CAN HAVE BARS ON LT??? i thought u could only have that after you lose your weight, refeed etc!... my pharmacist hasnt said anything of the sort to me!... your right LT can be so forgiving but honestly i really dont feel right, think i might spend the night in the loo!.... i will definitely ask about the bar thing! coz i feel cheated!...
Oh yes you can definitely have the flapjack bars, Coconut or Peanut. Once you have tasted them you may not feel cheated because they are definitley an acquired tast (something between a carpet tile and a lump of chipboard). But I actually love them and I just enjoy the act of chewing something once a day.

I'm sorry to hear that your stomach is bad at the mo. You don't think that you have picked up that nasty Novavirus that is doing the rounds, because the symptoms sound the same. I had a meal or two a week ago in Spain, but I was fine the next day (no carbs though).

I hope you are feeling better tomorrow and good luck for your next WI.
Hi bridetobe
Thank you sooo much for your reply. I think I will do what you said and eat a couple of days before christmas. Just to try and see how I feel. Im looking forward to christmas dinner so much but dont want to eat yet. I need more faith in myself and should convince myself I can get back on it. Aww I hope your feeling better soon. take care binger:)
hey guys.... im feeling so much better today and back on my shakes!
flapjack bars urghhhh i had that in my first week and i was sick for 2 days. ur right tho they are an acquired taste unfortunately one i dont think i will ever acquire. lol... i thought u meant the caramel bars!
and no definitely not the novavirus thank god for that! weigh in tomorrow!!

binger good luck with the refeeding let me know how you get on x
well done on getting back on the wagon hun im sure you haven't done any damage as you were very sensible good luck with the wi tomorrow xx
the bars are actually the flapjacks. trust me you dont wanna eat them. it is an option and they probs will tell you that when you go down. you have peanut or coconut flapjacks (cardboard poop flavour really) if you have a flapjack instead of a shake then you have to consume more water to make up for it etc etc.... the other bars are the ones you get on maintenance and you will not get those on TFR. if i was you i would stick to the shakes and soup. however the flapjacks are an acquired taste... so maybe you could get one and try it. i had to return all mine coz they were vile

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