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My Diet Journey - day 2

Well im back again on the dieting road... or should i say uphill struggle?????:eek:

After doing lighterlife last year and sucessfully losing just over 3stones i find myself a year later back to nearly weight when i started it in the first place! :mad: Why do i continually do it i ask myself:confused: lose it just to put it all back on again:cry:

well unfortunately i cant afford to go back to lighterlife or CD for that matter, but i have about a weeks worth of packs left which im going to use up before i spend anymore money on whatever diet i choose to achieve my weight loss this time round.

Day 1 for me was yesterday and im very happy to say that i managed to only have packs and water for the day :), getting through day 1 is a great achievement for me as ive been intending to do it for so long and always seemed to fail. I have no will power or control around food being the main cause of this failure! Well that is now behind me and im onto day 2... yipeeee

My plan of action for my diet is to use the packs i have until the weekend and get into ketosis.
Then i plan to be able to control my food intake with a shake/meal replacement breakfast, low cal/fat lunch and evening meal of protein and veggies, and PLENTY of water.

Im having weekly weigh in's with my sister as she is following the Slimming World plan and we both are trying to encourage eachother alone the road ahead to a healthier way of eating and living.

Wish us luck and i'll keep you posted of my progress :)


Starting Weight: 14 stone 9lb :mad:
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Use your diary to keep you focused, you will be amazed by how much it can help you.

Good luck.
My Diet Journey - Day 3

Thanks for the replys, its good to know i am not alone on this journey ;)

Well ive managed another full day on CD packs without falling off the wagon and giving in to food. :innocent0002: I have to say im am especially proud of myself for doing that as i had a very upsetting day with a situation that is going on between my friends that i have been dragged into :mad: . Usually when things like that arise i would turn to food for comfort to relieve my stress of it all, but i was given an article by TinkleWinkle to read about emotional eating and identifying the signals and the difference between eating due to emotional stress and actual physical hunger. :confused: I'd read the first few paragraphs already and kept that thought in my head whilst i was trying to deal with the situation that had arisen that was out of my control :mad:. I resisted the urge to eat and went to visit my parents who have just come back from holiday :hug99:. It was great to see them and we had a catch up of all the gossip.... :) Mum as usual offered me dinner but i was still feeling positive and strong about it and politely refused. I decided to go home when she started to dish up so i was removing myself from the temptation of eating.

So another day is completed for me and im feeling really good about it and at the moment quiet focused on the road ahead :)

:sad0071: I'm upset that used you as the dumping for point for their argument!

:whoopass: I'd like to whack her face not her butt & her mothers!!!!

:strikeout_button: just push the button & delete em off you email & fone then there's no in your face reminders of the hurtful words

:pcwhack: smash up the nasty thoughts they tried to send you x

:read: I read that informative extract on here regarding Emotional Eating - just need the other 3 extracts that go with it....

:drool: Very upset about the dream regarding my vist to Greggs the Bakers.... Nuff said!

:bliss:I need to get to the bank, write some lists - oh & do some work.

:sign0168: loads xxx
My Diet Journey - Day 4

Day 3 is over and :) Now i have to say that was a real struggle for me to keep away from temptation of completly stuffing my face. :mad: :eatdrink051:

I have to say i felt absolutely awful after the traumas of the day. Id been looking after tinklewinkles children after school and took them to the park, her youngest had a nasty accident and broke his arm:cry::character00264:.
I know it was an accident but god how bad did i feel, poor little titchi person was all wounded and sad. He was a real brave little soldier tho, he cried a little bit when it happened, and by looking at the swelling that was immediate i had a suspision that it would be broken or fractured. Bless him he held it together till i got him back to his mum and was taken to the hospital :character00182:

Usually in situations like that (not that i have a habbit of hurting titchi people!) i would turn to food to make me feel better, any excuse to dive in the biscuit tin. well to be honest my biscuit tin is usually empty... not because im good and dont buy biscuits but because if i do buy them they dont last long enough to make it to the tin... they get scoffed in one go.... :coffee: with a nice cup of coffee. But i have to say i refrained from the urge to hit the supermarket and buy as much junk food that i could lay my hands on and went home to have a chocolate pack instead.

Today is my last full day on packs as i explained before i cant afford to do them and am just using up what packs i have to help me start the dieting journey again. I dont know if that is why i have managed to stick to it again this time or if something has finally sunk in and ive realised that if i dont do it now i'll always be fat and unhappy with they way i look.

So another day done and dusted and lets see what this new day will bring.


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