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My Diet


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Ive started my diet today - decided to join this forum to see if it helps, hopefully keep me focused, hopefully get support from other members and ill do the same.

Im a 23 year old man. I was always thin when i was young, until I was about 15. I started to overeat and went up to about 14 stone. I then went on a diet and got down to about 13 stone. I stayed 13 stone for a long time but gradually my weight increased and the heaviest I ever got to was 17 stone at 21 years old. I went on a diet straight away and got down to 15 1/2 stone. For the last year or so I have been 15 1/2 stone give or take 7lb - I keep going up and down from 15 to 16 stone averaging 15 1/2.

I am a binge eater - once I start I eat until I cant eat anymore - usually fast food, sweets and coca cola.:cry:

The diet I have come up with is:

1.Everyday (except Saturday) eat about 1000cal - 3 points

2. Do 1/2 Treadmill or walk: Monday - Friday - 1 point

3. Everyday No Fast Food, Fried Food, Sweets or Fizzy Minerals (except Saturday) - 1 point

The main thing is to stick to number 1.

I come up with this points system because I think this will work for me - There is a possible 29 points per week.

I will take Saturday as a day off. I will also get weighed on Saturday mornings. I wont overeat all day Saturday but I will have a treat Saturday night, which for me is about 3000 - 3500 calories.

I really hope I can follow this through and get into shape, then the next problem will be staying that way.:)
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1000 calories a day is very low - you might need around 1500 to keep healthy, which is still quite a low amount of calories but more sensible. i like the plan to have a saturday night splurge but theres a chance youll feel groggy on sunday or will be set off on a bigger bingel. let me know how u get on :)
Have you ever tried overeater anonymous. I found recovery in alcoholics anonymous and have been sober 15 months.

You sound like you ate doing alot of what overeater anonymous suggest

The 1000 sounds a bit low for a man and that's quite unachievable as you will be hungry?

What about one of the diet plans where you can eat unlimited of certain stuff, slimming world, dukan

Take care and dont be so hard on yourself!!


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1000 calories of food is way too low even for a woman, a man needs a bit more than that even still!!! Then you'll go and binge on a Sat and make yourself sick with so much food!

You could very easily implement this plan in a not so extreme way (like maybe 1800 calories normal days and 3000 for a treat day once a week) and still lose loads of weight.


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Good luck to you!

But I'm with the others - you should maybe reconsider the 1,000 cals a day and up it a wee bit.

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