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My Doctor Won't Sign MY LighterLife Health Questionnaire!!

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Hi Everyone

i need some help asap!! My stupid stupid annoying doctor doesnt dign LL forms as their practice policy. She thinks they take clinical responsibility? do they? the form says nothing aout that - its just them basically asking that i'm not majorly ill, and that i'm 'fit and well' to do the diet, but she wouldnt let me get a word in. :cry:

Anyway so is there ANY other way of get this signed, i looked on the LL site and it says u only have to be on meds or over 70 to get it signed by YOUR GP practice, so does that mean i can go privately??

I'm supposed to be starting on Sunday and really want this form signed, we have out of hours doctrs in my town (Luton) do you think thy would sign it.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?? and recently??


Shelley x :sigh:
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Hey, I'm in Luton too and I know that the Goosebury Hill clinic (near Warden Hill Junior School / Birdsfoot Lane) will sign the form for you, cost me about £20 I think but it did take them about a week to get it done.

The nurses there are happy to do your monthy checkups for free too.
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Your LLC should let you start if you get an appointment booked - may or may not give you packs, but at least you can join in, get the info, and get started mentally - they can usually refer a doc for you to.

Good luck!


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ok, it is easy for me to this but try and stay calm. I went through the exact same thing just before I started and it upset me terribly. I contacted my local private hospital and had it done there, it did cost me £75 which my partner paid for me but it was the best money we have ever spent! It is not a set price and can be cheaper in other places.

Good luck with getting it sorted. Contact your LLC, they are bound to know someone they can put you in touch with.

My LLC let me attend the therapy for 2 weeks before I got my medical form signed, I just didn't start the packs.

Kat xx
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Hey Everyone, thanks for the replies, i have an appt booked for the health station in hitchin in thursday and am starting the session tomorow!! am very excited.

Pete - are u a patient at Goosebury Hill?? can anyone just go there i may give them a call coz the hitchin private place is gonna cost me £50!! but i don't mind paying a hundred quid i'm just desperate to get started.

Hi ntl4s, yes I am a registered patient at GH, I don't know if you can just go in though, I suspect you have to register.

TBH, if you already have an appointment at Hitchin and they have agreed to sign the form for you, I'd just do that. For the sake of saving a few quid and knowing you're getting it done ASAP so you can start!
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not sure if this is too late for you but Lighter Life have an agreement with the clinics in larger Superdrug stores who will do the form for you for £40 - if you call 08456 789 886 they will arrange an appointment at your nearest clinic.
It has been this doctor thing that has put me off joining LL...even tho i really want to. I have heard my surgery has similar policies and I just dont want any negative vibes about it! I was considering doing CD the one plus milk just to avoid the doctor situation! but when i hear of all the effort you and other LLifers make I think maybe i should persevere too! good luck with it all hope you got it signed!
If in doubt as youe LLC where the nearest Superdrug is that signs the forms. They'll do your blood pressure checks for free throughout your programme if you go there too.

Persevere. It's worth it!!
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Hi Everyone!! Thanks fro all your messages!!!!!

I managed to get the form signed in Hitchin and the GP was very understanding - which was nice to hear a bit of support instead of funny looks and me trying in vain to talk people into the idea!!

My new problem is that i started the foodoacks and am now on day 2 of week two and i am finding it VERY difficult to stay focused - i have cheated a few times already, not with whole meals, with a packet of crisps of a few pieces of cooked chicken from the pan that i;ve cooked for the family!! its so so hard. I only lost 7lbs in my first week, whereas the other lady that is on her first wekk lost 11lbs!! i felt disappionted but i knew it was my own fault. Any advice for trying to abstain from eating food!! i feel like the whole world is revolved arounf food!! even my Son's childrens programmes talk about food constantly!! anyway i'm starting to rant now!! any help would be much appreciated

Thanks xXx

Jo B

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OK - some of this may sound harsh but it is meant with the best of intentions. You HAVE to stop eating, it's difficult at first but no-one said it would be easy. Why have you been picking? If you are/were in ketosis you weren't physically hungry - it is all emotional hunger or habit.

By eating you have essentially wasted £66 and prolonged your weight loss by another week.

Is there anyway you can stop cooking for the family until you have got into the swing of things?

You mentioned that you lost 8lbs in the first week and appear to be disappointed that someone else lost more than you? Which other diet would you lose over half a stone in a one week on? Some people will lose it quickly but others will lose it more slowly, Minerva from here lost less than 3 stone in Foundation, didn't cheat and still went onto lose 10 stone by sticking with it.

So, my advice is don't now dwell on the lapse but do look into why you did it and move forward.

Good luck xx


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Have to say I agree with Jo, you need to look at the why, and decide if this is what you really want for yourself. I did notice in my first weeks that food appeared everywhere. It does pass and you learn to ignore it. I took 4 months to get to goal, and never had a massive loss in my first week. Your 8lbs is fantastic!! As Jo says if you are finding the cooking hard, try and pass it off to other members of the family initially until you get in the swing of things. Crisps trust me are the last thing you want. It is hard being around food all the time, trust me I am a chef and work with it every day, but managed abstinence 100% it was just a decision I made and nothing was going to stop me reaching my goal. Nothing will ever taste as good as skinny feels!!!! I stuck up little posters all over my kitchen with motivational words like that on them and made sure I read those when ever I was cooking.

Good luck and keep moving forwards one day at a time.



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I agree fully with everything Jo and Jez have said!

You have to really want this and remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for. You can do it!

Kat xx

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