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My family is evil!


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Last night I went over to see my aunt and uncle and there kids. This is stressful enough in its self but, they when and offered around biscuits and cookies, now normally I wouldn't mind but they kept offering me the cookies and left the box next to me, I could smell them. They know that I am on the diet, that one of the reasons that I am on the diet and that cookies are part of the reason for the diet and that I am struggling.
I know that this is a small thing but it is constant, my parents are always offering me food and buying me my favourite foods. They seem to be trying to sabotage me... but I could just be paranoid, in fact it wouldn't surprise me. :)
At this point of thinking of moving out until I get down to goal. :D

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you're not paranoid, sometimes people get like this about people dieting, they cannot accept that we are committed to a program like CD.

Good on you for resisting the urge, and next time, move the box out of your range of smelling :) not point in overworking your will power LOL


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constant, my parents are always offering me food and buying me my favourite foods.
I think it is a force of habit rather than any mean intention to sabotage your diet as sharing food and feeding people is culturally ingrained as a way of showing love and affection.

Like all habits difficult to break but not impossible.

Moving out is not going to solve this problem as when you return home to visit the same thing will happen.

Best to stay put and try and educate your parents and if they want to spoil you, you could give them a list of little non food treats you would like.

Get them involved in helping you achieve your goals by pointing out the health benefits of losing weight long term, who knows perhaps they might join you:)...this will make them feel needed instead of feeling helpless and left out.

Love Mini xxx
Mini is right. It's not intentional. My family forget too. They do really want what's best for you. You're doing well.Keep at it.

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