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My final, final, final!! refeed decision! :D :D :)


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So guys, as some of you may know i've been debating as to when to refeed, i originally set the date to 16th november but now i am going to be refeeding on the 2nd november!!!!!! :D

My bf is taking me away to Torquay on the 14th as we absolutly love this place but havnt been in sooooo long so were are going for 2 nights and i cant bloomin wait!!! :heartpump:

This gives me just over 4weeks so hopefull i will have lost another stone :fingerscrossed: Then i plan on losing the rest the 'conventional' way :)

Went to tesco today and they've got frozen chicken breasts at half price and quorn style chicken pieces for £1 so i stocked up in preperation :)

Ahhhhhhhh just over 4 weeks, scary but exciting :)
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Here we go again!
You know you'll be fine Tanya. You've done it before and you can definitely do it again.

Well done on your losses so far, you've done brilliantly again!
glad uve made ur final decision hun. sure u will be down another stone by then.

i thinking of doing another 5 or 6 weeks as thats when one of my best friends is coming home from Australia, been there a year. hopefully be near my target then.

might start counting down the days,lol.


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You will lose that stone in no time, maybe even more in the time you have left. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Thanks for the tesco chicken tip- spent £4 on 2 fresh chicken breasts yesterday!!! Will definately be stocking up on your suggestion!!


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I've got 5 more weigh ins so hopefully i will have around 10lbs to lose :fingerscrossed:

Liz, i always buy frozen chicken breasts as if i buy fresh i only freeze them anyways. Usually i buy the asda smart price ones - around £3.50 ish for a 1kg bag. I always buy fish from asda too, 8 salmon fillets for £5 (or you can mix n match with white fish fillets).

The ones i got at tesco have 5 big breast pieces in each bag :)
The quorn style pieces are great too - low cal/low fat - ideal for things like stirfrys :)

Anyways, im actually lookingforward to it so i think im guna have a goose over my refeed diary and make up my menus - little early ya think?!!! :giggle:
You will do great just like before keep it up


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Yay! I love it there! Torquay is pretty much my fave place in the UK to go and its only 45mins drive from home :)

Gota stock up whilst the bargains are going! :giggle:
How exciting!!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good for you, the time will fly by until you start refeed and then happy holiday.


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Oooh i cant wait! Im very much looking forward to it this time around as i know what to expect but am a little dubious about managing to lose the last bit on my own ... but hey,everyones gota learn! :giggle: x
wow it sounds as tho you've been on quite a journey. I would love to hear all about it if you ever get the time...xxx


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Me slimmer? My journey?

Well i started on the 27th january and did TFR for 21 weeks followed by 1 week refeed. I lost 6st 10lbs :D

I then took my summer off, during which i had 4 holidays 2 of which were a week in the sun all inclusive :giggle: I put on 1st 3lbs but now i have been back on TFR for just over 3 weeks and have lost 1st 3.5lbs!

I am now at my lightest i have been in around 5 years and if i lose 3lbs this week that'll take my total loss to 7st! I cant actually believe it myself! LOL

But i came back onto TFR as i thought id be happy around the 13st mark but i wasnt. So now my goal is 11st. I hope to be there before christmas and so am refeeding on the 2nd of november, as i said above for my weekend away and then hopefully ill have alot of time before xmas for me to get my bum in gear and get this eating malarky down to a tea! :giggle: :fingerscrossed:
I am impressed, it takes alot of determination and will power to lose such a tremendous amount of weight...well done huni xx


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Ah why thanks :D *blushes*
whoo hoo! 6 more weigh ins! good for you hun!

Like i was saying the other day - i'm refeeding on 4th december so i'm also on a countdown (9 weigh ins to go!) but i am also dubious about going it alone! i wish i could stay on LT forever but like you say - we gotta learn sometime! i reckon with the help of everyone here - i'm more likely to succeed this time than any other - and so will you!! xxx


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Ah i hope so sarah lou - hey you are refeeding 2 days after me so we can do it together and toss advice etc around :D :D :D xxx


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just 93 shakes left! :)

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