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My final final go at CD and I'm struggling


Cambridge Consultant

Hi Everyone,

Some of you might remember me from the past, I've been popping in and out of here for about a year now.

In fact, I've been messing about with CD for over a year now. Lost almost three stone last year and have put two stone of it back on again. I've made several attempts to do the diet again and I've only lasted 2-3 weeks max.

I've recently stopped smoking (3 weeks ago) and piled the weight on again. So I made a decision to have one last final go at Cambridge. Monday and Tuesday I did 810 plan. Wed, Thurs and Friday I managed sole source. All was well until this morning.

I've made a pot of soup for ds and dh using my favourite thing in the whole world, ham ribs. I've just eaten half of them :(

I am now sitting here struggling. I don't know why I'm craving food so badly, in fact its chocolate I'm craving. So I just had a choc tetra and it's still there :confused:

I'm now having a glass of coke zero to try and get rid of the need for something sweet. That's not working either.

Anyone got any tips to help me get through today? I just can't fail again!!!!

I'm watching an episode of doctor who to try and take my mind off it (but then that just makes me want popcorn! lol), then I'm going to bring in the washing and hang out another to try and keep myself busy. A mid day bath might also be in order.

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :cry::cry:
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Stubborn tortoise
Ah chick, you came so close... I know it is meant to be really, really hard to get back on CD after the first go, but if you really want this you have to keep trying. You CAN do it... you have shown that... but maybe need to sort out some stuff before you draw a line under today's blip and start anew...
Why - reasons it is so important to you
Why you came unstuck last time
What you can do to make this journey the one that succeeds.

It's got to be head hunger you are feeling, but those voices in your head can be very powerful. Don't listen... have the bath, call a friend, keep posting here, but please don't give in. Big hugs and let us know how you get on.

Awww hunny dont worry youve made a choice to start again so dont worry about the blips! Maybe you could try keeping a diary and write in this everytime you get these feelings and then you may be able to figure out how your feeling at these times when your having these blips or cravings and see if theres any pattern? writting gives you a sense of release just write down all of your thoughts and feelings and write a list of reasons why you want to do CD.. to get into some skinny jeans? .. to get into a healthy lifestyle? .. to run a marathon? lol just write down all the positive things you want out of life after CD and this may help??? Overall draw a line under this and forget about this ribs start a fresh and have a great weekend :D


Cambridge Consultant
Thank you for your support and encouragement. I think I know whats wrong! :rolleyes:

I can stick to this diet no bother at all during the week and I was thinking it was because at the weekend I always tend to be naughty (but that's usually night times).

I've worked it out. I don't normally drink tea or coffee but when I'm on this diet I do. I just realised that the times I've been struggling I would normally have a coffee or tea, lol, and that sees me through the tough bit. What a twonk I am!!!!

Have just had my second shake of the day, will have my 3rd about 9pm and if I have any wobbles in between, I'll have a coffee!!!! :p

I also know the reasons why I always fall off this diet and its quite simply because I love food.

I used to be a chef and I still have a great love affair with food, I'm a real foodie if you like.

My social life revolves around food and I hold a lot of dinner parties etc. I love cooking. However, I'm also greedy and as much as I make the right choices with food, I also eat far too much and there lies my problem!

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