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My FINAL re-start!

Ok, so i am a terrible, terrible dieter! I cant stick to anything and have 0 willpower. I really do need to lose the 4ish stone i have gained in the last 2.5 years though and i am now detirmined to do it! I tried Cambridge diet again and i only got to day 3 before i gave up...its just not normal to not actually EAT food!
Anyway, here is my final restart, lets shift this weight!! Wish me luck guys! :)

2x egg omelette = 4pp
2x small mushroom = 0pp
1 tablespoon tomato ketchup= ?1pp

ww chilled spaghetti & meatballs = 9pp
Activia Yogurt = 2pp
Walkers bakes sour cream & chive = 3pp

Total so far = 19/31
weeklies = 0/49
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Hi Broox, Glad to see that you are not giving up altogether.. and btw, most of us on here have been on and off (mostly off!) diets for yonks!..:D so don't label yourself as such a failure.

Personally, I always think that dealing with food and learning how to control your appetite straight away is soo much better than the sachet type of regime as somewhere along the line that's what it will come to.
Good too that you are doing a diary but could I suggest that if you do have a change of mind and say ..start SW.. just keep the same diary as it will give you a running record of your ups and downs which is so vital in tracing where the emotions can take over and how you coped before. ... Just a thought.

So looks like you have a nice amount of PP for your evening meal and don't forget... plenty of fruit and veg as they are nearly all free.

All the very best to you... :)
I agree with everything Emmaline has said. I even agree that sachet vlcd diets are not the best for re-educating eating (although as she knows I am on a vlcd sachet diet! - I'm just too impatient to cope with too many sts or the odd weight gain that ww and sw give you). You are certainly NOT a terrible dieter, you are a human being with complex emotional needs just like everyone else. What you also are is someone who has decided to make a positive change and has shown the ability to keep going even when things get tough, that's why you are still standing and trying another plan. Well done you and I look forward to reading of your successes!
Thanks for your kind words! I am debating on whether to go to a group or whether or not to do WW online...what would people here suggest?
There's something to be said for both, you get access to great resources online, but you can get a lot from the weekly meetings in terms of real contact with people in the same boat, lots of tips, and the leaders really go to a lot of effort with the recipe demos and emails. I would do online if it was really difficult to get to a class, but I really get a lot from my class.
Thanks, i decided to go to online as sometimes i wont be able to make the sunday group near me due to work. When i set up my weigh ins i put them for Sunday so im starting afresh from today as i went slightly over the top yesterday with dinner....

Got up too late to make any!! :(

2x Warburton thins = 6pp
2 tbsp light mayo = 2pp
40g Turkey Ham = 2pp
Walkers baked sour cream& chive = 3pp
Activia Snackpot = 3pp

Yesterday was going so well and then i stupidly suggested to my OH about going to see the new Final Destination movie. The film was good, what i ate was not. We ended up going to Burger King....im to scared to point what i ate...so im scrapping yesterday and starting again today. I will kick this in the butt! My weigh in is Sunday so i still have 6 days to sort it out!

WW Strawberry smootie = 2pp

WW Shepherds pie = 6pp
Walkers baked sour cream & chive = 3pp

Dinner (planned, homemade pizza)

Warburtons wrap = 4pp
tomato Puree = 0pp
Light mozarella = 2pp
Mixed peppers = 0pp
Mushrooms = 0pp
40g Turkey Ham = 1pp
30g grated Kerry Low cheese = 2pp

1 Orange = 0pp
1 treat size twirl = 3pp

Total = 23/32 (so far)
Weeklies = 0/49

Im sure ill probably end up eating something else but ill add that in later. Im also planning to go on the cross trainer after work if the inlaws arent visiting too late.
You CAN do this Broox - and don't worry everyone has lapses, and it is quite common to have a false start, so as you say start again today and put yesterday out of your mind. Everyone is rooting for you.

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