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My first day and my first time with CD

Take each day as it comes, before you know it you'll have reached a week and you'll be ready for a whole new one.

This diet will probably be the most difficult one you've ever been on but, you'll also find it's the easiest if you obey a few simple rules: drink the water, stick to the 3-4 CD meals, don't cheat.

I used to take a nap during the early days whenever I started to feel peckish, do whatever works for you to stop you picking. For some it's brushing their teeth, other come on here, some take a bath or read.

Space out the CD meals and your fluid intake evenly. I try to delay having my first shake of the day until 9.30/10am, if I have it any earlier I find that I feel peckish during the evening. I'm on 3xSS per day but, on those days I struggle I have an extra one. For the first six weeks of the diet I had an extra shake on average once a week. Then I slipped up and had a couple of biscuits one day. I've struggled ever since to get back on-track, it's taken a while to get focused again but, I'm there now and re-started successfully yesterday.

Make sure this is your first week on CD not your only one, good luck.
Very Good Luck to you! ;)

CD is the best diet in the world! :)

debs xx
thanks for the support, off work sick at the moment - had a minor op on my hand, so finding it hard being at home. Had a porridge and a shake today, leaving my soup for 6 o'clock, dreading cooking dinner for rest of family think i will have to tape my mouth up.
good luck judi you can do it... just get through the first few days, it does get easier by the day!
Second Day - I feel rough, everything even tap water tastes sweet and horrible. I feel fuzzy and tired. Does it get better?
Good luck Judi! I've been 100% for 9 days now and I've never felt better! You will probably miss real food some days, other days you won't even care, just stick to it :)
Thanks, its funny can't say I'm hungry just feel very tired and a horrible mouth :(
Hi Jude, stick with it, you will feel much better in no time and feeling the benefits of being in Ketosis-no hunger and lots of energy. I started 22 weeks ago and havn't looked back since and I am 92lbs down already so believe me hun it's definately worth the few crap days. Good luck xx.
Well here I am 5 days in and still haven't eaten a single crumb even when making shepherds pie for the family didn't touch the mash potato (a Miracle LOL).

I am feeling better not so foggy, I do miss food sometimes, especially evenings I keep thinking about tuna salad or a prawn sandwich not cakes or biscuits (very strange). Looking forward to my first proper weigh in on Monday morning can't believe I lost 12lb in three days already, fingers cross for a full stone. :)