My First Day on Lipotrim


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Hi Sammy and welcome to LT well done on starting, you will get through this just make sure you drink lots and lots of water it will fend off the hunger pangs until ketosis kick in. Also come on here as often as you like it is a lifeline for many people on here, drink plenty and try to keep yourself busy to distract from the hunger once the first 5 days are out of the way it is easy from then xx GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DE THIS XX


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Thanks for your support. It is amazing how much I think about food!! I am used to eating on demand and have got into very bad habits. I will do my best to persevere.....



im gonna do it!
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Hey sammy! I started the diet yesterday and have been on it for a whole 24 hours!!! It does get easier and comin on here gives you lots of support and encouragement. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself busy. Good luck!!!


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Hi and welcome. Try splitting your packs into half and have 6 per day for the first few days , it does help to ease yourself into the programme x x


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Hiya Sammy, I am on day 2 today and yes it is hard isn't it? but having attempted Cambridge before a year ago (and failing after 12 days) I can honestly say I think a lot of this is mind over matter, keep telling yourself you will succeed at this, and don't think about food if you can help it, this is what is making it easier for me to get through these first few days this time, when I was on CD I instantly felt sorry for myself and deprived and couldn't stop thinking about food all the time, whereas this time, I am just being positive and telling myself I will do it

Look at all the other people on here and their losses over WEEKS and MONTHS, they really must be telling us the truth when they say it gets easier after the first few days as I can't see how anyone would be able to stick at it for so long if they felt like we do at this moment all the time they are on the plan?, so hold that thought, and keep busy hun xx


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I nearly cracked at lunchtime but I have had my chicken soup and feel a million times better! I am obsessing about it too much!! This site is definitely helping me though so thanks everyone! I am looking forward to having my hot chocolate for dinner!!

Thanks for all the tips, they certainly help. I just need to make it to the ketosis stage....

Well done everyone and good luck yourselves xxx


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Hiya sammy, it does get better and as someone eles mentioned try splitting your packs to have 6 portions throughout the day instead of three. I must warn ya though as the days progress with some people it does get worse. With me I was dying by day 5 and wanted to give up until a few nice people on here told me to keep going so I did and the results the first week were great. So keep going and if ya need a moan or someone to shout at please log on here and we will be happy to be that person, wishing ya all the best and looking forward to hearing your first wi of many results, take care and enjoy yourself


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Glug lots & lots of water it will really help....stay strong you will soon be over the worst part of this diet...& then you will feel great....Caz xx


Hi Sammy, I agree with all the stellar advice you have gotten here. Im restarting after a year and am on day 2. It does get better! Last time around, i found treating myself with facials, nails, make up was a great treat as opposed to food. You can and will do this! :)


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Well done on starting, I'm on day 2 and have not found it too bad. though the only sachet i can really deal with is the chicken at the mo. I tried the vanilla with coffee last night but it was horrid. Can we use essence?? Had a choc shake this morning cold but was really powdery.
Keep going and drink plenty of water thats all thats keeping me going, especially at work where they have cakes/chocs/etc all over the staff room table.


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Hi Sammy :)

You should definately stick with it. Once you've had your 1st weigh in, you'll realise how glad you were that you did stick with it. :)