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My first day

Well my first day on LT and everything went amazing to be honest

Breakfast: I had a vanilla shake with a spoonful of coffee which was ok.

Lunch: I had a Chicken soup which was so disgusting I held my nose and gulped it down as quick as possible like a child

Dinner: I had a Chocolate mouse which was actually really nice.

I've drunk 3 x 15 oz glasses of water so I need 3 more glasses to hit the 4 pint minimum.

I've had to watch my OH eat a big greasy fry up and I could of stuck the fork up his nose for being so mean! and I had to make my little girl a cheese sandwich but I completely resisted all temptation. So far so good I have thought about food all day but I haven't actually been hungry and resisting wasn't that hard.

I'm really proud of myself and just wanted to share :p

Lissy xx
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I will do this!!!
well done it only gets better!!
Go you fab day 1
Well done! Tomorrow's my first day, hopefully it'll be as good as you (and there'll be no fork-jamming incident!) :D
Hehe good luck hun x

When I went to bed last night I couldn't stop thinking about LT and can I really handle at least 10 months of no food? I haven't been hungry but the thought of no food EVER for 10 months kinda scares me, I'm a picker/nibbler and find myself walking to the fridge and thinking if I was on another diet I could eat that cherry tomato or that slice of sandwich turkey but then I started to think if It was another diet I would cheat a lot because it's easier to cheat on them, just convince yourself it's within your calorie limit etc and then whine when the scales don't show the loss you want to see. Evidence shows that this is the best diet out there with the best results I've no intention of quitting LT I just wanted to share my train of thoughts ;) surely food doesn't taste better than weight loss? :D

Lissy xx
Well done.
I'm on day 4 and can't believe that I still don't feel hungry.
I almost ate a crisp last night, but stopped myself.
Can't wait for my first weigh in on Wednesday and I hope I've lost quite a bit to keep me motivated.
I'm struggling with the water as I don't like plain water, but trying my best.
I like all the shakes and I really don't mind the chicken soup, but the flapjacks went back to the chemist, as I couldn't eat them.
can I really handle at least 10 months of no food?
To be honest, I'm trying not to think further ahead than a few hours, otherwise I may freak myself out. So I'm just saying to myself that I can handle the next few hours/today with just the shakes and I'll take tomorrow as it comes and hopefully do the same thing. So I'm basically doing LT for only a few hours at a time, it's just that those hours should eventually all join together! I went to sleep last night thinking "what the hell am I doing??!!", but I'm trying to be optimistic and reply to myself with things like "improving my life!". Optimism doesn't come naturally to me!

I've made a list of things to do when I start to feel rubbish (a bath, snuggling up with some magazines, just having a nap...) so that I'm not tempted to comfort eat, and I wrote a note to myself listing the reasons I'm doing this and gave it to my boyfriend - he has to give it to me whenever I whine too much so I can remember what I'm doing and get back on track for the next few hours!

Good luck! :)