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My first fish week


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Well this is my first attempt at a fish week, i was going to try it anyway after seeing the results from other people on here, and after this weeks sts it's a definate goer.

my first fishy meal of trout and potato salad was really lush, And fish pie planned for tonight.

Just wanted to know has anyone done a fish week and not had a good weight loss from it??
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Hi cep...I did a fishy week a few weeks back and lost 2.5lbs which isn't as much as what some people have lost doing it but I was very happy with it. I eat alot of fish anyway so not sure if that had something to do with it but I think it's well worth doing either way.
Good luck with it!


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I have never heard of fish week!! I assume you eat fish HeHe! Can you tell me what difference it is meant to make?

Basically it depends how intense you want it to be, some people have had fish 3 times a day all week, but i'm only doing lunch and dinner. Some of the people on here have done it and lost loads. Another thread to read about it is My fishy week, loads of comments on there. (plus fish is really good for you anyway.) Not sure if it's going to work but i'll see in a weeks time.


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Mine too. i've not been giving him fishy lunches but he will have the evening meals. But he hates fish, he is moaning about it but am trying to do stuff he might like, such as the fish pie (without the prawns cause i'm not that mean) tomorrows fish and chips. i'm doing tuna and sweetcorn fritters on one of the days. so hopefully as it'll seem fried and with sw chips he'll be ok.
Im another one who tried the "camouflage" approach to fish with hubby ;) and it worked -he requested the fish pie, home made fish cakes, the fish with parsley sauce and the spicy king prawns again:eek::D,
The 1st week I did fish for lunch and dinner and lost 5lb, last week I just had fish for lunch and lost 4.5lb and Im having fish for lunch again this week -I really enjoy it ....
Fingers crossed you get a good result ;)


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Wow Capricorn that's great. As i said earlier i really enjoyed my first fish lunch. have got some more for tomorrow. Haven't done the sw fish pie yet, first time tonight. Prawns would be pushing it with my oh he really hates them.


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The fish pie was yummy too. even hubby enjoyed it.
The fish pie was yummy too. even hubby enjoyed it.
"result" -it makes it so much easier when you eat the same doesn't it :D
what are you going to test him with next? :p
I started my first fish week yesterday WI is Wed so will let you know how it goes, tbph I'm just hoping for anything above 1.5lb, so my average stays at 1.5lbs LOL. :)
I had tuna and jacket potato for lunch & trout yesterday for tea
Tuna and jacket with mayo and onion today for lunch and Halibut for dinner (hope I like it, I'm a tad iffy with fish but it's def a good idea to try new stuff). :)


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i'm trying the fish (in wholemeal breadcrumbs) and chips tomorrow, Sunday i'm doing crab cakes (does that still count as fish???) i'm going to try the tuna and sweetcorn fritters at somepoint, they shouldn't be too bad cause he doesn't mind tuna so much. i'm going to do the crab and angel hair pasta thing. apart from that pretty much just salads.
ok, i've done four days fish so far, (lunch and dinner) stepped on the scales tonight and only seem to have lost 1 lb. i know, i know i shouldn't weigh myself but i can't help it. have to admit i'm going to be really annoyed if i don't really lose anything after a week of fish. Those of you out there who have done this and weighed yourselves during, did you show during the week or just at the end???
I've got wi tomorrow, on a sneaky peak on sat I seemed to have lost 3lbs but today it looks like 1lb... I'll let you know tomorrow!
It's my wi tomorrow as well, so will update tomorrow night. Have to admit i prefer my morning weight to the normal 19:15 wi time. :)
I lost 2.5lbs whiich is more than I've managed in ages, it's slowing down at the mo, dunno why. But I'm well chuffed! :) How'd you do, Cep?
Yeay 4lbs, and got slimmer of the week. definatley going to do this again when it starts slowing down. so chuffed.
Oh thats brilliant, well done!
Fab stuff Cep!!! :D

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