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My first gain confession :(

Feel like I need to get my first gain 'confession' off my chest! Just got back from weigh in and I put on 0.5lb, not the end of the world, I know - and it was very deserved!
Last week I cheated the system having been away on a 6day trip with work, eating as far from the SW plan you can possibly get, and probably not having a single soft drink the entire time. So last week I faced WI dreading it and lost 2lb :confused: ... this week it caught up with me, I should have been on the bandwagon entirely, but I was a bit too comfortable and snuck too many treats in.
So after my first gain on (kind of on) the plan I am now TOTALLY back on the wagon 100%

Whilst I'm ranting I went to a different class this week and don't you just hate people who you never met before who feel the need to comment?! 'you don't look like you need to be here'. Well thanks for that, actually, I don't NEED to be anywhere I want to be here, bit of a difference. And I don't need to justify that to you lady who I've never seen in my life and it's your 2nd week so you have no idea of how much I have lost to get to this point grrrrrr! I know she obviously didn't mean any harm but people like that annoy me!!!! Concentrate on your own weight loss and if I want your opinion I'll ask!

phew! Bit harsh there.. good old PMS haha xxx
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On track to target
S: 13st13lb C: 10st4lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 3st9lb(26.15%)
I'm frightened to comment ;-)

haha..... I love a good rant too, tho it's normally verbal :)
Must admit, only my OH, the bids at class and all you lovelies on here know I'm following a plan, couldn't deal with people at work commenting all the time,
when someone says something nice, you know it's genuine.

Well, it's good you're back on track, and lucky that it was such a small gain .. considering.

sure it'll be gone next week!!
Hehehe I'm not scary honestly ;) haha! Just good to have a rant and I know you all probably know how I'm feeling!
Definitely feels good to be back on track, think I almost needed my little gain as a wake up call. Big pot of SW chilli cooking as we speak mmmm! Dieting does not have to be boring!
And your certainly right about work colleagues etc, it feels good when they say something positive as it's a true reflection of how well your doing when they notice :) keep up your good work and thanks for stopping by to say hello :) xxx

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