My first Major failure


Guess whos back...
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Well what a week, my first real failure & negative post on here..

Started last sunday (yes i know a whole week ago) when i was feeling ill and really groggy, after trying various painkillers and loads water i still felt rotten , and i was also at work up a ladder at the time. The other guys where going out to get some food and a takeaway, and i confess i knew food would make me feel better :eek: So after 4-5months being so strong i ordered a takeaway, and even guilty of ordering a BIG takeaway. And i cleaned my plate! :cry:

I dont know where it went even more downhill from there, i got home that night still feeling rough and i made some sandwhiches and got some diet coke from shop (not touched the stuff since Sept)

Cutting a long story short, its now a week later and i cant get myself back on track proper, in past 7days i have had a couple days where i SS fine again, and other days i probably ate 2weeks worth of calories and a mountain of carbs! :cry:

None this been helped by fact i still feel groggy and not 100% and to top it all i had a mountain of work stress and issues all week (serious ones like breach contracts and possible unemployment) so all the stress etc i have wrongly turned to my old ways of junk to cope.

No idea what weight i put back on, i dont own any scales.. But i suspect i gained 7-9lbs in a week i wouldnt be surprised.

Really going to try get my act back on track from monday morning, how it was so easy for 4 and 1/2 months on SS seems so long away now, i really need to get back on track somehow this week. Hopefully work problems will settle down this week, any more stress its gunna be hard to resist the old ways, espiecally on first 2-3 days getting back on track.

There, all my coolness all my confidence of past few months gone in one fail swoop, really got me thinking about how i ever going to cope now after diet ends.....

:wave_cry: :cry: :break_diet:
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And this is the great reason for posting on the site. You are only human and when other things are starting to get in the way it is no wonder why you strayed. Forget all about the week you have just had and think about tomorrow and how you are going to have one good day followed by another taking it slowly until you are back on track.
You can do this
Irene xx


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Hiya Lee

Sorry you're having such a bad time of it at the moment - but as Irene has said, you are only human. Please try and think of it as a blip - a minor stumble.. you will and can get back on track and in that place you found so comfortable for so long... Put it where it is.. behind you. Easier said than done I know.. but you can't do a damn thing about last week now.. so let it go. The other thing is this.. if you gained it so fast, odds are you will be able to lose most of it just as fast.. it all pretty much depends how long you take to get back to 100% again..

Given your ill health and stressy week.. it's understandable that it was too easy to have the takeaway that snowballed out of control.. look at the positives from this... you came on here.. you acknowledged the problem... it's shown you that your relationship with food is still an issue that you can address... (warning signs are a good thing!) .. AND.. you know the value of getting back on track. Don't look at this as a failure.. it isn't... and don't look at it as you "first" failure as that suggests that more will follow :D

You've done brilliantly and this is a blip, chalk it up to experience.. watch out next time for the warning signs.. remember how crap you feel right now and use that as a positive deterrent for the future :D (ooh hark at me!! ) lol

You know what I'm saying - take care, get focussed, get back on it and stay there.. and before you know it that blip will be in the dim and distant.. hope you are encouraged and positive about the coming week.. :D Good luck. I know (from reading on here) that it IS very tough getting back into it.. but you did it once.. you can do it again! :D Best wishes to you.


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At least you are posting on the site and telling yourself that you are going to start again tomorrow. Maybe you could keep reminding yourself of how c**p you felt when you swayed off the diet - this may help you to stick to it. Good luck for tomorrow.


Guess whos back...
S: 21st12lb C: 20st12lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 53.4 Loss: 1st0lb(4.58%)
Yeah thanks guys, just had a little boost in fact my old LL counsellor just emailed my "before" picture (never took any myself) and WOW its a shock seeing how big i looked last september! (about 4 chins!)

So i just pinned that on wall with postit saying (i aint going back to this NO-WAY)

Thanks for support


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Hi Lee,

Having been where you are several times, I can relate to what you're saying.

Just take it an hour at a time.
Have more packs if needed

I wish you lots of luck

keep busy

you can do it again for sure

Take care



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Hey hey buddy!

You know you now stand at the crossroads, if you choose one way you will be slim by the summer, running around in your nice summer clothes and enjoying yourself. If you choose the other way then you will slowly but surely put the weight back on and spend the rest of the year regretting that little blip.

So it is time to get tough, you only need be stubborn until this time next weekend when you will be back in ketosis with that duvet of hunger protection and any weight gain will gone and you'll be cookin' fat like a good un.

So good luck this week m8eeeee, make sure you drink loads of the old water and split your packs if you need to but whatever you eat this week will never in anyway taste as good as the feeling of getting to goal weight and being slim forever.

GO FOR IT and keep your eyes on the prize....



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Definately time for you to be stubborn and selfish, grab the bull by the horns and go for it big time x


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Lee oh Lee :)

I also want to say thank you so much for posting how you feel on the site. It can't have been easy hun but look at the support and wise words that have come in. Listen to Ice as he talks total sense.:D

Your coolness and confidence hasn't gone in one blip doesn't cancel all the achievements so far, it just might feel like that at the mo. Your perception may be off a bit right now, but it wil be back in a flash;)

Come on, gird up you loins and smile!! :p :D :D


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this has been me ...............for the last 3 weeks i'm glad you posted ........hugs to alll of you xx