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My first offical loss!


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I was planning on weighing myself twice monthly for various reasons, but this morning I decided to weight myself because I was curious to whether SW was working and it has! I've lost 3lb :D, which I was very pleased about! So I have now decided to go back to weighing once weekly... because basically I can't wait to see if I have lost or not!

Also I have selected a pair of jeans which fitted me really well last summer as my goal really. I tried them on this morning and I can do them up, but they are very very very tight. So not only am I going to weigh myself I am also going to try on my jeans on the same day and judge by them as well. Does anyone else do this?

So doing all green days for two weeks apart from 1 dish of salmon has worked for me. What I am aiming for this week is portion control.
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Mrs V

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Well done on your first official weigh in Hun!!! I have some clothes that I try on to see if they fit me or not! Lol.
Make sure that you try them on regularly though, as I have been known to put things to the back of the wardrobe and then when I do get around to trying them on, they are too big!!!!


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I found it a great help having something that was tight to shrink into rather than grow into. I have gone from having a wardrobe full of things that were to tight to having a wardrobe full of things that are now far to big. Congrats on your weightloss always a good confidence booster
Well done - you must be doing it right :)

I love trying things on that were to tight - love it even more when they become to big!!


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S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone!

I'm please because I choose to do all Green Days because I love pasta and rice so much. It's obviously working right now, but if I STS or put on I will try to mix in some Red Days as well. I am not a vegetarian but I love rice and pasta and I thought that green days would suit me.

I have a ton of clothes from last summer which do up but are uncomfortable and I am determined to be wearing most of these very soon, if not by at least the end of summer.
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Firstly Well done 3lbs is great :D.

I also have an item of clothes that I use as a benchmark. I have a dress which is Basque in style and it's really skimpy so If I was to have gained any weight at all I wouldn't fit into it. After I weigh in I also try on the dress to see if it still fits or is getting loose.

As for getting weighed in twice a month, I have also been toying with that idea as when I get weighed week by week I often have a tendency to have a week where I sts or gain and then the following week where I lose 3/4 or even 5lbs. I don't understand why this happens to me as I follow the SW plan 100% of the time.

However I cant make up my mind what to do, as on the upside getting weighed weekly keeps me motivated, but on the downside it gets me down seeing my weight fluctuate so much. xx


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MissHelenLouise I think the fluctuations can be a problem that's why I decided twice a month but I just couldn't wait this week. I get very down if I don't loose anything.


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S: 12st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone! Am hoping for the same next week, but more than expect it to slow to say 1.5 to 2lb's a week, but first proper weigh in I was really pleased!

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