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My first week.... Does it get any easier??

I have been on Lipotrim since last Thursday, so had my first weigh in today. I lost 9lb, so very pleased, but it's been very hard.... I haven't been hungry, it's just that I desperately want to shove chips, chocolate, burgers, crisps - you name it - in my very empty mouth.

I want to know does it get any easier? Every day I battle with my conscience as to whether I should just have a quick nibble of something nice, or whether to just be good so that the weight comes off quicker (I hope!).

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in October, and desperately need to lose some weight to fit into a very slinky, strappy dress... wtih a new baby and no inclination to exercise like a mad thing, I am crossing my fingers that Lipotrim could work for me.

Would love to meet some new pals and have a chat while I'm sat on my tod. At least it will stop me thinking about food constantly!! :sigh:
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Yep it gets easier. But never easy. You will have to fight your hand from putting chips into your mouth at every opertunity (maybe thats just me!!) I try to just keep thinking it will be so much slimmer and happier in myself by christmas, so you can do the same for October.

Picture yourself the fat bridesmaid busting out of your dress at the wedding everytime you feel the need to munch. And when you dont eat the chips, picture how lovely you look in your slim body and cute dress


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Im about 2 days ahead of u lol this is my day 9 i think, and i do get the urge to give in so so so many times, but coming on here really helps, cos people will talk you out of it, and u come away feeling like you not only let urself down but everyone on here too!
I always think to myself that since forever i've been the fat cousin (out of the a few of us who were all the same age and hung out together) and in september there'll be a big family party, i want to walk in a different person and want people to see a different me than just the fat one! so keep on track for the wedding! you'll look fantastic.
can i be honest?? Ok thanks! It never gets easy, just easier to manage. it depends what you want. you can do anything you set your mind to. You are probably like me and so used to having something tasty in your mouth. Its a habit... but one that ends up on your hips, stomach arms and makes you feel down in the long run.
If you want to feel sexy and like you have accomplished something then keep at it. but not only for the wedding, this is for the long term which makes it harder to see. This time next year, when the sun comes out you can wear all those clothes you thought you would never wear again... I could go on!

Come on, be strong, split out ur shakes if you need something in your mouth. Drink more water and maybe take the bub out for a walk... Just dont eat ... you will only regret it after all this hard work!


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Hi Mumma

Welcome to the forum and Good luck with Lipotrim. I know exactly how you feel. I'm on week 3 now and I still feel like that, especially when its take away night (last night) and people are eating chinese in front of you!! But it does get easier to manage. Believe it or not it actually starts getting a bit addictive! Keep strong and think of all the reasons why you're doing it - imagine everyones reaction at the wedding!

hi mumma... im in my third week and ii am really weak. i ave pretty much cheated every week...im stupid like that...i get cravings but it does get easier as u loose weight its all worth it..as i cheated i only lost 1 pound last week i am that distugused in my self tat i will not cheat. dont do it honestly its not worth it honestly.this i the easiest way to loose weight...not having to sweat it out in the gym...so defo stick with it....the junk food is what got u here in the first palce
Welcome Mumma!

Photoshop your fave photo of you into a sylph like goddess and take your worst one and morph yourself into a beast with ten bellies and twelve chins and stick them to the fridge!

If that doesn't encourage you, nothing will!:D


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Hi Mumma
Well done on ur weight loss. The weight will fly off ya no problem. When u start seeing results it does get easier. I started LT when my baby was 8 weeks. A lot of the weight was fluid i think cause it dropped off fast.
Like u i have a wedding also. I can't wait now. I'm no slim Jim but i feel loads better than i did 12 weeks ago. The time will fly in 4 u cause u'll be so busy with ur baby. How old is he/she... boy or girl


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Mummabear well done on your loss and it will get easier just stick with it its worth it x
hey mummabear. well done on ur loss. im on wk 2 my self. it is hard getting into a exercise routine after havin a baby. my daughters 11 months and i still done manage any exercise. too knackered most of the time. although i have now started small walks everyday and am also skipping the rope. we can def do this... when u feel wk, go and look at ur self in the mirror. thats what i do.


Try not to cheat, it's not worth it, because it means that you'll have to stay on LT for longer !!
Also some have found it harder to get the willpower to start LT a second time.
The time will soon fly until October & you'll be so glad you stuck to LT !!
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hello mammabear
im only at day 3 but if i can do 9lbs in my first week then i will be so pleased. well done and keep going! dont give up now you have done so well.
Well after posting my thread my little boy started screaming at the top of his lungs, and after an hour of trying to calm his colicky cries, I had to give up the idea of chatting away on the blog, so signed off without so much as a reply to anybody. He is only 6 weeks old and a little cherub, but suffers with the evil colic so is much harder work in the evenings.

I am extremely ashamed to say that after finally settling him 2 hours later, I succumbed and headed to the chocolate cupboard.... I ate two single twix bars, a taxi and a packet of wotsits. I felt very sick afterwards and cried, especially after having such a good first weigh in and great loss. I'm blaming it on the fact that I started my period, the first one since having my wee man, and hormones and need for chocolate were too strong for me to resist. I'm weak I know, but have woken up today with an iron hard resolve and WILL NOT CHEAT ANY ANYMORE!!!

Thought about some of the advice given, and will definitely take a photo of myself and morph it into a real skinny one, adn another hugely grotesque one, just so I can remind myself of which way I want to be!!!

Thanks all, will definitely be back on to chat later, my little girl needs taking to school and the wee man is craving cuddles.... It's nice to know I'm not the only person out there who struggles but desperately needs to lose weight to be the yummiest mummy I can be! x x
yep mummabear. Move on from the food slip and think about the thinner happier non emotional eater you could and will be. Get those photoshopped pics up!! I put motivation signs all over my living room fridge and cuboards last night- Every 1lb counts! - Think thin! - Eyes on the Prize - Its only Head hunger! stuff like that in big black marker on A4 paper. Hope it helps me
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You will be fine, the first week I too thought about food all the time but you do find that it will become less.
I am almost at the end of week 2 now and also lost 9lbs in the first week and also being a bridesmaid a month earlier - September...actually it looks like our goals almost match!!!
You will be fine hun xx