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Hi guys well iv been on the healthy eating diet about a week now. I weighed myself this morning and still weighed the same. I work full time so dont really have the time to do much exercise, but i do walk to the bus stop which is a bout half a mile I think from work and to work.....

Im just wondering where im going wrong really....

or if its normal not to loose any weight in the first wk?

Any advice wud be appreciated..

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have u been calorie countin? some reasons why this might be is your cals are to low so ur body its starvin itself. ur portions may be to big, or just give it more time and the scales will start moving for you.


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Hi hun,

I answered you this on the other thread I think.
Basically your body is probably still adjusting to the new eating habits. Give it another week and if you son't lose any weight again, then we can explore what can be going wrong;)

Also, make sure you drink lots of water, sometimes people has fluid retention because they don't drink enough water so the body retains every fluid. Don't fear water:)

If you are calorie counting do you write everything down that you eat and drink? I calorie count using myfitnesspal app and it's incredible how much drinks and little things can add up to. Sometimes it's easy to leave those things out and forget. Milk etc all have calories and some fruits are high. Although these are all good calories they do add up.

Like the others have said it does take a while to adjust to new eating plans.

Keep going. Don't get disheartened. X


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S: 10st2lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
okay thank u guysss...today I had cheerios for brek...
cheese & beetroot sandwich for lunch with a muller light yog..
for tea a light choices tesco ready meal...

that sound ok? xx


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C: 7st9lb BMI: 19.6
That sounds good to me Gem :)

I would just make a few changes:
- add some fruits
- buy low fat versions of cheese, milk, etc.

Other than that sounds very good :)
30g is nothing. An average bowl of cereal is about 60g plus. Its deceiving really.

I have cereal as a treat. :(

If you don't have scales what about buying the cereals in individual boxes. I think you get a variety pack of 8. That way you know the amount you are having.

Or better still for a filling breakfast have porridge. Oatso simple are so tasty and they are individual packets so you know exactly how much youre having without needing scales.



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Have to agree with everybody's comments about cereal. 30g is more like 1 (stuffed) handful - but have little hands! I was having 60g and my old mechanical scales weighed it as 40g, so for weeks I was having an extra 300 calories weekly, just from cereal!

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be losing weight - first of all, bear in mind it's a new way of eating for you and your body may be just be in shock with it being the first week. But here are a few other things it might be (shamelessly copy pasted from what I wrote to Laura Jayne's post):

1. Bloat - are you drinking enough water? too much sodium in your diet?
2. Constipation - are you er, regular. Eating enough roughage?
3. Hormones - we women can start retaining water upto 2 weeks before Aunt Flo actually visits
4. Change in routine? Doing extra exercise can initially make you gain weight as your muscles swell and retain water. Plus, you look denser with 1lb of muscle than 1lb of fat!
5. Kind of related to number 4 - you may have lost body fat, which isn't measured on normal scales
6. Foodwise - look at what you're eating and see if it's as healthy as it can be. I'm believer that somebody eating 1200 healthy calories will be healthier and probably do better long term than somebody eating 1200 calories that incorporates a lot of "diet" or "faddy" foods that don't fill them up (and can prompt an eventual trip off the wagon!). I'm not saying never have chocolate or a glass of wine but see what substitutions you can make.
7. Make sure you are weighing everything you eat that isn't pre-packaged, preferably on digital scales. You will be amazed how we can estimate wrongly - it's been a real eyeopener for me since Sunday alone when I bought my new kitchen scales!


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You'll have to splash out on some scales, I think. I don't think it's possible to do calorie counting without them, unless you're just eating pre-packed counted stuff all the time, which isn't going to be great.