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My First Weigh in Too

Not sure if we are supposed to start a new thread for each person but I did anyway! I am pleased with myself this week, lost 5lbs but I guess that's beginners luck. My usual process is to get stuck here but I am determined to get unstick this time. Trouble is I've got a series of weekends away coming up and that is going to be a real challenge. I really don't want to slip back down the slippery slop. The good thing about Slimmers World is you can eat so many normal foods without costing any syns at all so that might be my life saver,

Good luck to everyone on weight day :553: image an attempt to express all the feelings with dieting! Salli xx
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Week 2 (11/10/09)

Not such a good week this week, just .5lb loss but I lost a lot last week so I didn't expect to lose much this week. I think the answer is in expectation, if I don't have high expectations I can't be overly disappointed, then I won't beat myself up. If I beat myself up I go into comfort eating mode and then I might as well forget being on a diet again. This time I'm in it for the duration good, bad and indifferent!

Week 1 = 5lbs :D
Week 2 - .5lb :)
It's good news!! Well done - all those .5 lbs add up!

Only advice for weekends away is to be super good during the week and then chillax a bit on the weekends away, but don't let it give you the permission to go overboard.... so easy to do after a weekend.

Just had my big birthday and has taken me over a week to get seriously stuck in again.....

Good luck for this week - one day at a time! ;)
well done, your'e doing well it's still a loss of 5.5 in 2 weeks
Thank you very much Mealiepuddin and Slimcea for your support and advice. I haven't lost or gained any weight this week or least before I went away this weekend. I 'm afraid I did rather overdo things over the weekend so I'm not sure how I'll be at the end of this week. I will try to be good and eat lots of fruit and veg to eat as few syns as possible. Cheers Salli:grouphugg:
Well I stayed the same again this week, but I'm going through a very socialable phase so it's a miracle I haven't put back all the weight I lost. There must be some sort of phanomanom that a busy social period starts just after I start a diet. I have one more busy week and then November and December should be reasonably quiet until Xmas so fingers crossed! x Salli :wave_cry:
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Thank you everyone for your support, unfortunately I have put on 1.5lbs this week which was expected cos I have had a very sociable time in October. I hope to reverse this increase soon! :innocent0001: xx
Well thankfully I have lost the 1.5lbs I gained last week plus another .5lb so I am pleased. It just goes to show that not being too despondent and getting back in the saddle again works. I have been very good this week and must recommend the soup recipes in the Slimming World magazine which has been the mainstay of my diet this week. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and especially to MiniMins for having this facility I'm sure I couldn't do it without you! Salli x:thankyouthankyou:
Well done!!
Thank you for your support and well done for losing too. I lost another pound this week. I feel that I am going off the rails a little so need a prod to get me back on track! Sallixx :D

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