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Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by lauren*21, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first weigh in since i have been on this site.
    I can safely say i lost 2lbs :D so pleased about losing this amount.
    Trouble is i now keep craving chocolate but i don't have any as i want to just keep loosing the weight, any ideas on what i could replace chocolate with.

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  3. k8joealf

    k8joealf Full Member

    Well done Lauren that's great!! I am a chocoholic and cant be without so I have a small kitkat or time out, something with low calories as a treat xx
  4. lauren*21

    lauren*21 Member

    Hello K8joealf,

    thank you for your comment, i will have to try that and see how i get on. It is just so annoying when all i want to do is just buy the biggest bar in the shop.

  5. dschwepfitness

    dschwepfitness New Member

    Chocolate Isn't Soooo Bad


    Congrats on your recent weight loss great work! I love chocolate too so I have a few tricks to eat it and keep the pounds off. First, Dark Chocolate is not too bad for you (in moderation). So just have 1 square of Dark Chocolate if you're craving it but don't do it every day. See if it works

  6. Amyxox

    Amyxox Member

    Please someone motivate me!! Been doing slimming world for 2 weeks (just by myself at the house with the wee booklet of syns) I didn't weight myself before I started as I have been scared of the scales for as long as I can remember (I'm only 21!) but I weighed myself after week one which left me at 11stone 3.3lb which was actually a pleasent surprise. I weighed again this week same day same time and I haven't even lost a pound! Now I don't know if I lost anything the first week or not when I thought I had as it was such a surprise. Might just go to the shop now and buy the biggest bar or galaxy chocolate i Can find :(
    p.s I was going for brisk walks 3 times a week and only eating 10syns max each day I don't know why I haven't lost. Really annoyed :( it's not worth the torture of everyone around me eating lovely food and me craving it sitting with a banana or muller light :(

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