My First weigh in!


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My first weigh in this morning after 6 full days on the diet & i have lost 10 lbs... Wow! :D Its also TOTM so that would have been more lost!

My only concern is that I havent had a poo (sorry tmi!) since starting but have bought some senokot today so hoipefully that will sort me out :eek:

Ettie -x-

Really make sure you are drinking enough water. I do know someone who did LL and ended up being manually relieved (I won't give more detail as I am sure your imagination is up to the challenge!). It's basically because your body takes water through the gut wall and leaves the contents impossible to 'pass'.

Good luck, and WELL DONE!


well done that is brill!!!

have you tried phsyillim husk??? i found it great for the poo'ing hee hee, you can get it in health food shops

Gen xx


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FANTASTIC weight loss. Well done!!! Hope you're dead prouod of yourself honey! :)

I havent had a problem with constipation whilst on CD in fact if i'm honest it tends to be too much the other way - if you get what i mean. ;)

Whatever you use go easy with it and start with a little bit to see if it gets things moving - the last thing you want is to feel like your guts are dropping out of your backside! ;) :D

There are some poo experts on here (sorry guys but you are just good at dealing with all thigns poo!! :) )hopefully someone will be able to help you out a bit more. It is a really common problem though so dont worry - you might even find after a good clear out you've lost another couple of pounds. :)


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MOrning Ettie
Whoooo what a great weight loss
well done babe
As for your no2s prob try drinking some fizzy water everyday.The husks do work for lots of people.Hope you find something that works for you
Have a good day.


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ooooo brill weight loss

i had a few weeks of *eeek* constipation
but found more water (especially if warm) and the 1bar a day helped me