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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by kitten kat, 26 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. kitten kat

    kitten kat Full Member

    First weigh in this morning at pharmacy... -5lbs..

    As you know I have harped on and on...expecting not a good loss because of TOTM... looks like I was right... not so good at all, especially for the first week?...
    Sorry, :sigh: if I have bored you all to death of my wimpering on about this first weeks WI, but the first week is the most important of all, so when a low loss happens, it is very demotivating...sorry guys, trying to stay positive, but it is proving very difficult...:(
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  3. kitten kat

    kitten kat Full Member

    oh...well...what a suprise..:eek::eek: lots reading but nobody wants to comment...not suprised, as it is quite a crap loss..... :mad::mad::mad:

    maybe i shouldn't be on this forum...i dont seem to get much inspiration from most...:cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:

    theres only seems to be a few who have inspired me, and given me good support....;)
  4. Peggie

    Peggie Full Member

    Aaw chin up kitten kat. I had a 5lb loss in week one and I thought that was quite good considering how slowly I lose weight on conventional diets. I think I'm looking at a 3lb loss this week and will probably have to resign myself to that every week.

    I know what you mean about being disheartened as it's the big losses that people are getting that inspired me to try LT - I suppose everyone's different and I'm trying to look positively on potentially getting rid of 12lbs of pure fat every month!

    Hang on in there,
    Peggie xx
  5. andhow

    andhow Full Member

    ah hun - don't feel like that! people tend to read lots of posts at lunch time and then post back when they can. 5lb is brilliant - that's the first week out of the way - keep going!! you'll get load more posts this afternoon i'm sure! :bliss:
  6. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    LOL step away from the hormonal one!!!

    Hun, 5lbs is 5lbs. pick something up that weighs 5lbs and then think its not good! You have done amazingly well to stick at it all week, and you have got past the worst part. I know you will have hyped urself up for a big loss cos it was ur first week and i know that it will have been disappointing, BUT as you said its TOTM. Bloody hell i used to put 5lb on that week!! Give it another week and maybe next weeks WI will be the surprise you wanted!!

    Good luck and chin up xxx
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    5lbs is brill, totm is a right old pain in the arse im sure you will have a good loss next week :)
  8. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Member

    Faqb loss Kitten Kat and just think you'll prob another fab loss next week - when most people have ahige loss in week one they often have a much smaller one the 2nd week, so you'll prob be the opposite!!

    I aint been writing much as I don't know anyone on here these days! As you'll see from my sig,, I did this diet at begin of the year but struggled to maintain - well actually - never really tried!! So am back again, to be hoenst tho struggling to follow it to the letter! Will I ever learn.... mm prob not!

    Best wishes and I hope you do stick around as once you get to make friends with peple, it is very supportive on here!
  9. rachelh

    rachelh is loving the soup?!

    Hello! I just got on for lunch...I don't know what to say, I just think you should keep going.
    I know a lot of people lose more than 5lb so I'm not going to tell you it is amazing for LT. I also know a lot of people lose less.
    But I do think 5 pounds is a LOT of weight. In all my years of dieting (and there have been many :p), I have never ever lost that much in a week. And you did think you had lost nothing.
    It could be something as simple as you not having much glycogen and water retention to get rid of, or that you're still retaining water. Or it could be, I suppose, that 5lb is a huge loss for you even in a first week on this(though I doubt it).
    But if you told 99.999 per cent of the population you'd lost 5lb in a week, they would be begging for your secret.
    I know you're down, I know it's hard, but I also believe you should stick with this and keep going. You are well into this - you've already lost 11.5 per cent of what you set out to lose, and by next week you'll be nearer 20 per cent if not there. How could you do that by any other means? And what's the alternative?
    Love Rach xxx (who actually thinks 5lb is great, but is trying to be realistic!)
  10. Angie44

    Angie44 Silver Member

    hmm don't think it is a crap loss (although having experienced constipation with the old LT can see why I could perhaps lose that amount with a ...) anyway back to the weight loss gotta say I know what you mean about disspointment with the figures etc but you knew you were TOTM so once that water retention shifts am sure you will have a good weight loss over the first 2 weeks. Not got any magical inspirational words except keep going we are rooting for ya xx:)
  11. sailor_Jack

    sailor_Jack Gonna be slim again

    Jack edges closer to Kitten Kat as he has four hormonal women in his house and thinks he can tackle her......Then he re-reads her post and hides behind the sofa.....He quietly whispers that 5lb is still a great loss, then cowers again!:p
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  12. MorbidBubblewrap

    MorbidBubblewrap Is thinking positive!

    Well done sweetie, Keep it up XX:)
  13. clare-jo

    clare-jo Full Member

    5lb is a great loss hun, you know the reason behind why you havent lost more with it being TOTM which is something totally unavoidable. I know its easier said than done but try and look at it more positively, its better off than on.

    This is my first day and Im due for my TOTM on my WI day so Im not expecting too big a loss but I'd be over the moon with 5lb xx
  14. philip

    philip Full Member

    im afraid to write something here but, 5 lbs is very good, i bet you will have a good loss next week!

    if your on weight-watchers that would of took you around 2-3 weeks..
  15. Sheep

    Sheep on the up lol

    woohoo hun is great loss, and with TOTM at same time, u have done good well done for sticking to it , roll on WI 2 :party0011::party0011::party0011:
  16. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

  17. eyesdontlie

    eyesdontlie Full Member

    that is a really good loss when I had TOTM I used to put on about 5lb!!
  18. jenni

    jenni Full Member

    hi hun just pick up a 5LB bag of spuds have you felt the weight of them and you have just lost that, keep going you will do fab...jenni x
  19. kitten kat

    kitten kat Full Member

    aww..thanks all...maybe i am pmt'ing too...sorry for being negative...all your kind words DO...make a differnce...
    apologies for my behaviour...will try to stay positive.. actually went to a BBQ tonight, and never broke i am also proud for conquering my first night out, watching everyone eat and drink..with me just on water, kept myself so busy making sure everyone was enjoying themselves!!!

  20. miss_unknown

    miss_unknown Banned

    Hi Chick,

    Congrats, 5lbs is 5lbs!! Try and not get disheartened and use it as a positive for your next weigh in. The more ya get down in yourself the more its going to make ya think of giving up and we are all here to help each other!! I personally think its terrific, I hope my first weigh in is just as good.

    Keep going chick, it will get easier!!
  21. princess-of-power

    princess-of-power this is SPARTA!

    Listen KK, I know how you felt as I was really cheesed off with my weight loss. Stick with it for another week and you'll have an equal or bigger loss like Im hoping. Perhaps it took you longer to get into ketosis than you wouldnt lose weight.

    And also, for fear of offending anyone, you havent got as much weight to lose to be healthy as some of the troupers on here. You werent even obese when you started. I think the smaller you are when you start, the less you lose in the first week as you have less flab to lose.

    FYI. My BMI was 36 when I started last year and I lost 12lbs in my first week (estatic) and only 2lbs in my second (very annoyed).

    My BMI this time was bang on 30 this time. I lose 7lbs.

    You can do it, be patient.

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