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My First WI is monday arghhh


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I am dreading it lol and i have resisted every temptation to get on my own scales and weigh myself lol

I hope i have lost i have stuck to my diet although i was big and eat three pink and white's arghhh pig aint i

I was 13st 10lb when i went monday so watch this space lol
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Don't panic! You'll be fine! Pink and whites (I had to look them up! I'd never heard of them!) are only 2.5 syns each, so even if you've had all your syns over the past few days you won't have gone far wrong. You have had your syns? It's very important that you do. Oh and mega respect for not hopping on the scales!:worthy: I've never managed a whole week yet!


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Yes i have been eating my syns average about 7 a day sometimes more or less lol


Bring it on!
Well done for not checking, just think of the pleasant (i'm sure) surprise when you discover how you've done! Kepp us posted :)
Good luck for monday and a big well done for not jumping on your own scales ~ I'm addicted to mine lol!!! xx
I'm the same, even though i know i really shouldn't!


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my first week, i just couldnt belive sw would work, the amount of free food i was eating, i was struggling to eat my sins aswell- i was very sceptical!!!!! but thought id give it a try- i lost 6 and half pounds i nearly passed out, and now its my 3rd week, and lost 12 and half altogether, keep us updated u will be fine hunni
laura x
I panic every week - really thought I'd gone off the rails last week and I'd lost 5lbs!

Now into week 20 and hoping for my 3st award either this week or next!

Just keep the faith and keep eating those free foods x ;)


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I am dreading it i have been of a pig today and have eaten 15 and half syns :( don't know why

Congrats everyone else on there weight loss in that time hope you rub on me lol


I can do this............
Well done amber that is Fantastic! It feels great doesnt it when you get the first week under you belt with a good loss and how nice that your partner is being supportive that will really help you along!

Keep up the good work and you will be at target in no time! x


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Thank you i was really very pleased i am determied i am going to do better next week
I always think that weighing in before my weigh day will mean I lose less... I'm very superstitious!


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I am not going to look at the scales this week either :D don't wanna jinx myself lol

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