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my first WW Weigh in

Thank you , im still chuffed, not went over my points at all so far !! , i have also started to walk to work ( 3 times this week ) it's 1.97 miles and takes 35mins, im like a beetroot when i get there but feel proud of myself as im so unfit and dont do any excersize at all so hopefully this will boost my weigh loss. Roll on wednesday until my next weigh in.

Well done on another great weight loss, I love the ww diet also I think it a great diet to be on, the way you are going it wont be long until you get to your goal weight.
well 3rd weigh in and a loss of 1/2 lb which i was both surprised and dissapointed with , i have stuck to my points every day but not eating my full amount , i am allowed 22 points a day and never really go over 20 and some days only maybe eat 18 or 19 , maybe this is why i have not done so well this week :confused: i am away to orlando on saturday and im sure i will struggle to keep within my points whilst im away but i will be back next friday so hopefully this will give me a few days to get back on track for my next weigh in.
sorry to say but your not sticking to your points your going under.
If your doing exercise as well your going well under. Try sticking to your points properly and see what the WI says
Many thanks for your words of advise/encouragement, didnt get to weigh in last week as i was in orlando :D:D , did watch what i was eating but drinks were flowing nicely, anyway back at weigh in today and lost 2.5 lbs !! yipee , i actually got home on friday so had a few days to get back on track thank goodness, so back to keeping track of my points and bring on the weight losses.:D
Well done.......WW is great if you're not a greedy sod like me lol.......you should be so proud of yourself managing a holiday and still loosing.......WOOHOO you

yah another 2.5 lbs off this week so thankfully lost just past the 1 stone mark, thought i'd never get there !! :D , still quite a bit to go but hopefully the losses wll keep coming.
:clap:you're really doing well :D

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