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My firt WI

I'm off for my first weigh in soon, but feel pretty awful at the mo, that bloody lemon last night must have kicked me out of ketosis, I've had the shakes this morning I'm that hungrey...

I don't think getting up later has helped either as I've normally had my first shake at 9ish, sat drinking a coffee before I can even think about a making the shake up.

A lesson well learned I think, don't ever, ever have a lemon.... :(:mad:
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I hope your weigh in goes well.
Remember you are doing brilliantly , we all have our off days!
Im stuck with the cold sensation, lovely here in nottingham and ive got my faithful socks on again.
Take care and good luck x


I will be skinny again!!!
No... Thats a shame it has knocked you out!

Hopefully your weigh in will be enough to spur you on through the rest of the week to get yourself back into ketosis

On the plus said, ive heard from people that cheat that when its only a small amount that knocks you out of ketosis you tend to get back in quicker! ( I know you didnt cheat!!!! just using it as a reference lol )

Fingers crossed anyway!!

Good luck xxx
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Positivity is the key
Hi Jane,
hope you are feeling a bit better by now. Your weigh in will be fine, let us know how you get on. Take care.
I'm starting to feel human now, so getting ready for the off, I'm gutted as if I was going to cheat I would have picked something better than a bloody lemon, my mindset has been in the right place just didn't think about it until on the way home :-(

I'll let you know how I get on and thanks for all the support. This week would have been really hard to do on my own :)
COME ON COME ON! WI results please! :D :D
I'm on tenterhooks to see how you've done. I'm betting the lemon won't have made any real difference!!

Make sure you let us all know how you've got on

HA . let that be a lesson to all evil lemons!!! They will never win lol.
Well done, im really happy for you xxxx
Thanks Sunny, went into the chemist and the pharmacy part was shut, nearly cried on the spot when the girl said it was shut, but a kind lady called Wendy weighed me :)
heeeeeeeeeeeey that is BRILLIANT!!! Well done hun!!!

no evil lemons can destroy the path to weight loss!!!



Positivity is the key
Hi Jane,

huge congratulations for that weight loss, really was a great one. Hope this week goes well and lay off the lemons eh!
No more flaming lemons Doirin, just wish I'd thought of it beforehand, I was well impressed with my loss as I didn't start until Sunday so 10lb for 6 days is excellent. My hubby has come around to the idea too :)


Positivity is the key
Hi Jane,
makes it even better when you have only done the 6 days. Glad hubby is onboard, will make things easier for you when you have support.
Well done Jane, that is fantastic first WI.



Success leads to success
Hey Jane

10lbs is brilliant! Dont worry about the lemon, I am sure you will be fine. Roll on next weeks weigh in :D
Jane! That is amazing! Brilliant! I am soooooo happy for you! Great start and I bet you are buzzing.

I never had the chance to come on forums yesterday so don't know about the incident with the lemon but it didn't matter as that loss is superb!

I'm so glad your hubby has now come onboard. Seeing your results and seeing how happy you are will make him so proud.