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My food diary, help?


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Lunch - 2 wholewheat tortilla wraps, salad and grilled chicken. Pot of muller light. 2 apples.

Tea - grilled salmon, roasted veggies and a sweet potatoe. Banana and muller light.

That's pretty much it, if I'm hungry I have some fruit or cottage cheese. To be honest most days I am always full! So does this diet seem ok? How many syns? I can't afford to sign up and stick to the subscription at the moment hence I'm try to work it out myself! Thanks guys and gals.


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Hi, I've had a little look through your diary for today. I'm certainly no expert but it looks like you're getting plenty of superfree which is good. Difficult to work out the syns you've had as I don't know what brands you've used but I think the Oats So Simple original porridge pot is 9.5 syns on EE. As far as I know there aren't any tortillas that you can use as HE so you'd have to syn those too.

Doesn't look like you've had any HEs. Remember, if you're doing EE, you can have a HEA and HEB each day. Your HEA is a portion of milk or cheese and your HEB is cereal, bread etc.

The only other thing I'd say is remember to vary your food or you'll quickly get bored.

8lb in the first week is a fab loss, so let's hope that continues. Good luck with the plan and if you need anything else, I'd be happy to help x


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Yep you need help with your HE's you need to be weighing your porridge allowance to 35g of porridge oats (not the flavoured ones they are full of syns!) also the wraps are very high in syns. Looks as though you are following the EE plan in which case as Bev says it's ONE Hea choice and ONE heb choice. There is a healthy extra forum on here where you can find out what you can have or if you're stuck just ask and I can give you a helping hand :D Gemma x