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My four cats ^_^

All my cats are sisters and brothers and were taken from a lady (who I think was only breading for money, I could be wrong) When they came to me most of them were really scared. I mean they used to live in a house with two German Shepards who had free rome of the house, and on both occasions when we went to visit, I found two of the cats hiding in the back of a cupboard, where the woman said they had been nearly all that day (not that she seemed to care, poor things)


Anyway this is my little Suzie aka The Devils Child lol. The smallest of them all, but boy can she meow, especially when trying to get my attention :)

This is Izzy aka Busy Izzy, or Needles (trust me that's what her claws feel like sometimes when she walks over you) she is the second smallest of the four, and the only other female cat.

This next one is Darwin, the biggest of them all (a little thinner now then he was when the pic was taken, due to going outside more now) He loves to grab peoples attention by rubbing his head against your legs lol.

Lastly we have Harry, he is like the father figure, always looking out for the others ^_^.

There all unique but at the same time so similar. They all melt my heart and make me feel so loved. And that's about it, we have some fish too but personally I'm a cat person mostly..

Hope you like
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awe......... me too a cat person, I too have 4! Bobble, Luna and Luna's 2 daughters Zita and mouse ( our friend has Luna's 2 sons, so we still get to see them :) )
Thanks. Could not live without them, cats are the best


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Aw they are lovely cats, Zebredy. I got two young brothers from a lady who lived in a flat and could not cope with them scampering around the rooms. Obviously they could never go outside to let off steam, and she had just discovered she was pregnant. I took them off her and now they live a happy life in a cul-de-sac (no traffic) by a large woodland.

Here is Jumper and his brother Oscar. They have inriched our lives:).


Lovely looking cats you have there. I think Jumper (if that's the first one) needs a tickle on the belly lol, and Oscar looks like he's going to freeze out there, but cats are such daft creature, mine often come in drenched cause they have been outside in the rain for so long.

We do live in a flat, but its a large two bedroom, and we have a separate toilet which has a small window out that we always leave open for the cats to go out and play. They often play under the long hedge out back, or on the grass out the front and sometimes are gone for hours at a time..

I sometimes wonder why some people bother getting pets in the first place if they can't take proper care of them, Its different when its say someone like my Granddad who got to a point in his life where he had to move to a home and was unable to take his little dog with him, but such is life.

At least we know we did/are doing the right thing...:)


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I am looking at your pics of Izzy and Darwin. Both gorgeous tabbies and both look identical. How do you tell them apart?

My two have a different white mark on their noses, slightly different patterned stripes on their back, and in the dark (when they come into the bedroom) I know it is Oscar when he finds a plastic bag to lick, but Jumper will try to burrow under the covers.:)
The male cats are much bigger then the females, which really helps. Izzy is almost half the size of Darwin, and Suzie the black female, is smaller still..

Darwin always goes for legs and rubs up against people, and Izzy likes to use her head to head but your hands to signal she wants you to stroke her head...

Very occasionally from a distance I can't tell whether its Suzie or Harry on the sofa, but once they face me I can usually tell..
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awww your cats are purrfectly gorgeous :D

i have 2 mogs,a toyger a ragdoll and a maine coon,i love them dearly! we also have 6 bunnies a mix of lionheads,mini lops,mini rex and lion lops..i just love animals :)
bunny_hops you must have your hands full looking after all those animals

I would love to have a rabbit, but we don't have a garden, live in a ground floor flat :( and I think my cats would object :(


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ive quite a large garden and what we did was buy a huge shed and a small second hand summer house then converted it for the bunnies to live...then added runs off it with cat flaps so they have access to outside runs all the time,it keeps the grasss down..and theyre all toilet trained too, so there isnt that much mess :D

the cats however,thats another story lol :)
I am pud tat person too - I have 2 Ragdoll boys Cola and Muffin. They are my babies
Great names , I'm not a fan of cola but love muffins, and with a name like that all I'd be thinking about was food lol..
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Aww, little Suzie looks like my little girl cat Cleo! They are all gorgeous Zebready. I love hearing about other people's cats.
I have two cats, Eddie who is a ginger and white rascal (but we love him!), and the aforementioned Cleo, who is a sweetheart, always well behaved , but has an unfortunate habit of bringing dead things back to the house.
We've only had one dead thing brought back into the flat, but with my lack of smell and attention to detail, I went for a nap only to be woken by my hubby saying 'hunny there's bits of bird on the bedroom floor'. Ooops

We used to have a ginger and white, male cat called Thomas (escuse the awfull pic, I don't have many of him on the computer :()

When my OH mum died, his sister came to live with him, and brought Thomas as a gift for him. (he was only about 8weeks old at the time) He lived till he was 20 when he had to be put down, and we (especially my OH) were both so upset..

We did try looking for another ginger cat, but fell in love with the four we have, and we couldn't be happier with them.
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Awww bless them,
I have 4 cats Tinkers my eldest one i brought from a pet shop, im sy=ure she was bullied as a buber just by the way she acts she LOVES her cuddels and sleeps by us at night, I also have Misty shes about 2 weeks younger then Tinkers and shes very timid but loves to just come sit on out laps, then theres Trixie i got her as an xmass prezzie she such a tomboy.. we live in a converted victorian house and out on the upstirs level Trixie will jump out the windo and on to the roof below its not dangerous in any way but she just goes and sits out there rain or shine.... then last but no means least there lil Milly shes boiut 4 months now she fits perfectly, i got here from a freind of friend no wanted to buy her and if i didnt take her she prob would of ended up at the rspca or summit!
I love all my kittys there my world x
Thanks for the reply.

Yours sounds so cute, what colours are they all.

We have some sheds and a sorta bin shed outside the flats with a roof on top and Harry has been known to go on the top there, and meow like he wants me to help him down, but I know he is perfectly safe up there and can easily get himself down (cheeky so and so lol)

In the last couple of weeks we have had to watch when walking to the local shops that some of them don't follow us.

My hubbys sister lives less then 1 minute away and even walking to hers they want to follow us all the way there and back.

Cats are so weird sometimes but i wouldn't have it any other way. Take a stuffed monkey toy on a string attached to a long stick type thing with material on it. Darwin and Suzie seem to act like someone has just pumped them full of catnip when playing with it. They go all hyper and mental for a few minutes till I stop waving the monkey around, but I guess that's just the way cats are :)

Forgot to add, after having the toy for over a year, they have finally chewed the string and played with it enough to break it. Still the daft cats want me to play with them with it lol...


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Okay, you twisted my arm, now I'll tell you about my boys: Iggy is an orange tabby of the portly, Garfield variety and Fugee is a blue tuxedo cat. They have distinct personalities - Iggy is a lovebug and will sit and stroke my face with his paw. However, his love only extends to me because whenever I have people over, he hides and is a nervous wreck afterwards. If there was Kitty Ativan (Kativan?) he'd take it. Fugee is more sociable and a bit of a doofus.



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Ah Rachel, Iggy is gorgeous.

"Iggy is a lovebug and will sit and stroke my face with his paw"

My Jumper does that to get my attention when I am reading. I have the book in front of me when reading in bed, suddenly a paw comes across the top and pulls it down and Jumper climbs across the book to sit right in front of my face, then he settles down, purring.

Alternatively, when I am tucked up trying to sleep he will sit right next to me waiting expectantly. I pretend to be asleep and then I feel his paw prodding my forehead, nose, mouth, cheek. He is waiting to get under the covers and is not patient lol. "Oh ok then, in you get" I say, and he pushes in and settles himself against me, purring loudly.

I noticed that Fugee is sitting in the sink. What is it with cats and water/ bathrooms/sinks?

My neighbour keeps the plug in her sink in the bathroom so that her cats can drink from it. They prefer that to a bowl of fresh water by their food. My cats prefer to drink dish water (no fairy liquid) in my kitchen sink rather than fresh water from their bowl. Weird. But I love them to bits. Thanks for posting the pics.
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So many gorgeous felines !!

On my signature you will see the lovely Nina ! when our 2 previous cats died 3 months appart (rosie aged 15 and muffin aged 13) we decided not to get another straight away as we didnt want our young daughters to think that pets are just throw away-you know ,one dies never mind ,easily replaced. I only managed a month,could just not be happy without a cat in the house,just didnt feel right.
We got Nina aged 2 from a rescue centre. She had been rehomed once but didnt get on with the couple's other cat so they bought her back, I am convince that everything happens for a reason and we were meant to have her !!we've had her for comming up to 4 years now. she is the most gentle and loving cat you could wish for,tho the rodent and bird population around here might not agree !!
She is right now sat on the arm of my chair,like she knows I am saying nice things about her !!
Rachel217 there so cute, thanks for sharing the photos with us..

Fugee looks lovely in the sink, though wonder if he'd be so happy if the taps were turned on lol.

And as for Iggy, looks almost the same as my sister-in-laws cat which they named Garfield (as that's what she thought he looked like too), hope he's not as bad with the claws though lol...
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