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My Fresh Restart

Today is my day 1 again, whats done is done and doesn't matter now! I dont feel very well today think Iḿ getting a cold and to add to that Iǘe done something to my foot and cant put too much weight on it because when I do it feels like a bone is hitting the ground :sigh:

Iǘe also changed my working hours a bit because I was overdoing it there. So now Monday is a half day and I am taking a min of 15min lunch break each day. (I run my own shop)
I really had put a lot of pressure on myself without realizing it. I had a good sleep in today and feel refreshed and ready to go. Iĺl post here for the next few days to get things out and keep on track :)

Wish me luck!!! again hehe
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I'm in the same boat as you. I re-started AGAIN today. Based on my previous experience, if I stick to it for the first week then I will be fine.

Well done on coming back and hopefully we can support each other.

Good luck x
Well done on your restart too :) If I get past the first 3 days and into ketosis Iĺl be fine. Iḿ planning on going to the pool tomorrow evening and do some gentle exercise there
Thanks :) My problem is that it takes me absolute ages to get into ketosis (5 days!). With all of my previous re-start I actually gave up before getting into ketosis. The only time that I managed to stick to it was the first time.

Good luck with the exercises at the pool tomorrow. I personally couldn't do it as it will make me hungry and set me to eating food. I am planning to do the couch to 5k, but only after my 3rd of doing CD.
5 days that sucks!! you poor thing. Iĺl get there at the end of day 2 and Iĺl wake up on day 3 feeling like Iḿ part of the bed Iḿ so tired. Today is going ok, just need to drink more. Fingers crossed tomorrow will go ok
Well done to both of you for climbing straight back on that horse! My restarts are normally months apart, so I commend you! The brain is half the battle. ;)

And Majella, I hope your foot and cold improve soon!
Well I bought a book called 100 days of weight loss to help me with my self esteem and lack of motivation! hereś hoping it helps:)
It takes you 2 days to get into ketosis?! :eek:

That is so NOT fair!

I'm here and still going for it. Without wishing to anger anyone I'm slightly modifying the CD plan to suit me this time round. Let's just hope that it works! I'm only doing 35 days of SS+ before moving on to the 810 regardless of whether I've reached target or not.

How about you? How long do you have to SS for?
If I could do a month for ss+ I be done however I am considering doing the 810 as soon as I know what I can eat on it. Iḿ going to ask my cdc on Thursday whats allowed and I might move up if I decide to go to the gym often. Well I def won be in ketosis this evening I just caved and ate some toast :-( Itś so hard though. Iĺl be drinking lots of water this evening!!

How are you getting on?
Oh no! Maybe the 810 might be better. I was enquiring about this plan last week on this forum as I kept cheating on SS.

As for me, so far so good. Not too sure for how long though. I'm feeling really rough & coming down with something. Wil search this forum to find out whether I can take some strepsils as my throat is killing me :(
Oh no having a cold/flu is hard enough but itś even harder when you are dieting. What i've done in the past for a sore throat is dissolve 2 disprin in water an gurgle it and that helps both the cold and the sore throat. Is there such thing as sugar free strepsils ? I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow before work and just do as much as I can. Think I might be mad but it'll be worth it! I'm so close to goal I can smell it and all I want to do is eat arrrrggggg
You can do this. You've got 6lbs to go until you reach your goal weight!!!!

Hope that you get to the gym tomorrow morning.

And yes, there are some sugar free strepsils but I haven't taken any yet.... e-mailed cambridge to find out whether we are allowed to have tatric acid. I can't wait till i hear from them!
I didn't eat and I am in ketosis now yippeee!!! I didn't get to the gym I was tired and had a headache but hubby is looking after shop tomorrow afternoon so I can go then or maybe I'll go for a swim.

I hope Cambridge get back to you soon!! is it getting any better?

I have to adjust my goal because I really want to get to a size 10 and I wont be at that with my current goal

I'm still feeling rough and no, Cambridge HQ haven't got back to me. They are always slow in responding to e-mails.

How much do you need to lose to get to your adjusted target?

I'm now at the weight before I feel pregnant with my DS.... almost 6 years ago! So, feeling pretty positive at the moment. I know that I can reach traget or therabout if I knuckle down to it. Only 33 days left of SS+ and i move up to 810 :D

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