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my friend has given up ..

on day 5 of our 2nd week and she ate today and now i wanna eat, she going on hols beg june so said she not gonna restart till after her hols

oh what will i do, the dam chemist is such a trek from me, 2 buses it was great to have the company..

feel like giving up now too..
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Don't give, you're doing fantastic honestly! That trek to the chemist could also come in handy, in other words, abit more walking, a few calories you could walk off :) Think of it in a positive way, you should be proud of yourself for carrying on. When you're friend sees how well you have done even though she has not been involved she will be so envious..

You can do it hun, think positive and the lbs will come off :)
thanku babydoll, just cant wait for 2nd weigh in on sat so that should give me urge to keep going...

its just so hard sometimes..


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Look hang in there for 2 more days.....do you weigh in and then make up your mind....I suspect that when you see how much you have lost you will keep going. Also just think how nice it will be to tell friend how much you have lost when she comes back off hols! She will be soooo jealous! We are now your company! Keep posting! Go on you know you can do it!
Exactly, all summed up in 2 posts there hun :)
I'm only at the start of my 2nd week but feel I have to give it alittle longer before making my mindup on how I want to take this. Don't get me wrong, the decision is totally yours but you're doing brilliant and if you need any help or encouragement then jump on here and post a thread :)
thanks guy i feel same i should give it a bit longer, lost 7lbs in first week and hopefully a few more this week, it will be fab when i am slim and then she will think i wish i stuck to it longer hahha
thank god for here am sat at work not done a thing all day my head a wreck thinking will i or wont i carry on, but i will, i can do it
thank u guys
good luck to u all too
well done great choice, seriously!
i did the same 2 months ago finished after 2 weeks and my sister carried on i didnt see her for 4 weeks coz of work and distance when i next went to see her i was gutted she had lost 2.5 stone in 6 weeks!! i started back straight away!
i am in my third week now had a minor blip in second week but still lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and yet to be weigh saturday!
POst her hun im on regulary i will keep you positive!!
thanks jen will do especially this weekend it be hard when everyone out eating and drinking


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Hi Skinny...where in London are you?xx
yea is hard but just think of the effects of eating that kind of food and drinking does, not just making u overweight and feel bad, health risks, everyone says lifes to short, and that may be true but all these bad things can make it shorter! and you will be the healthiest one there! and just think once your at ur target u can go out an drink and have bbq's sensibly of course! and also be slim and not have to worry about what to wear or what will fit you, u can just walk into your fav shop and grab anything you like! thats how i see it anyway! ;)


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Stick with it girl, you will live up to your name very soon


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Stick with it hun. The guys have said it all. She will be so annoyed with herself for giving up especially when she sees the lovely slim you in all your Summer clothes. Come on girl...you know you can do it. x