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  1. Twinmummy

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    Cambridge Diet
    ok so last night i went round to see a friend as she had an op and we got chatting and i mentioned the CD diet i'm on..

    she responded by saying that she had tried it a few years back and had lost 4 stone which was good..but then she started to make me feel really crappy about me being on it and told me how once she stopped it she piled on the weight and now she weighs double what she did before..
    she said that it's dangerous and how if can affect your kidneys blah blah blah and how she got ill after it and has tonsilitis(sp?) on/off since then and is always getting ill now and was blaming the diet!!
    i was getting so annoyed and was trying to defend myself and saying how i wont be putting the weight back on but she was looking at me like i was stupid in thinking i'll never be able to stay off eating all the nice foods and keeping away from the carbs..

    in a way i think she may be right..i don't know how to explain but i do really miss those foods but i've been so good on this diet and haven't cheated with bad food.

    but what happens after this diet is over and i've lost all the do you manage to keep it all off and resist having a takeaway or a pizza or go out for a nice meal??
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  3. KD

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    Yep, she's dead right. If you overeat after the diet (ie more than maintenance calories) you will put it back on....just like with SW, WW, Calorie counting.

    That's a new one on me. Never heard Cambridge causing tonsillitis :D
    I would be more inclined to blame the fact that she's eating way too much, and probably badly with it

    I can still have a takeaway or a pizza, just try not to have both meals in one go :D

    Seriously though, I get to eat anything I want, but just like any other diet, if you want to keep it off, you do need to change your relationship with food.
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    Hey twinmummy, you are doing great, well done for sticking to it 100% so far :) I think you need to work on why you overeat as you are losing weight, take a look at the 'bring your head inside...' section on here, some really useful stuff. And you can go out for a meal, it's all about balanced! Sometimes people find it easier to blame something other than themselves for their problems, and for your 'friend' cd appears to be the scapegoat! just carry on as your doing, do some mind work and you'll be slim for life :) xx
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    I love pizza as much as anyone, but since being on this diet I've been thinking more and more about changing the ways that I have these things.
    Make your own on ciabatta which isn't so bad calorie wise. Roast peppers and tomatoes for the base. Add healthier toppings and not so much cheese.

    I know you're not looking for recipes, but the point I'm trying to make is that takeaways are generally full of crap, but you can have those nice things by educating yourself to make them in a more healthy way.

    I don't think your thinking changes instantly on this diet, but it does change gradually. Listening to people who have been on it and have maintained for years, it's clear to see that it can and does work. x
  6. curlywurly1234

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    Cambridge Diet
    Well done you for being 100% sounds like your doing fab..
    Negative people may be mad when they say things about cambridge..
    Wow your doing fab.. you look great!!! BUT.... wait til after you will pile it all back on!!
    The last person that said it to me I really gave them a mouthfull and basically told them any diet you can put it all back on if you go back into bad eating habbits and went on to explain how my cdc has maintained for 3 years.. and it depends how much you want it etc.

    I am personally doing cd for me.. but I will make sure I stick to it I really hope to prove all those negative people wrong too!!!!

    Stay positive its fab.. think of now.. and lets not worry to much about after especially when you have a journey ahead of you!!

  7. tillyfloss

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    Food mentioned

    Well said KD,
    the thing is, this diet is a means to an end!!! This diet is here for us whilst we lose weight!!
    AND whilst we are losing weight, we can use the time to address all the issues that we have with food.
    I was chatting with my sister yesterday, she is a size 10/12, and weighs under 9 stone. She eats Pizza, her fave meal is fish and chips BUT she is slim!!
    And the reason that she, and KD and many others, remain slim, is because they have changed their diets. Slim people eat normally. It is NOT normal to eat a curry, fish and chips, pizza, etc etc... for every meal!
    So we will be able to have treats, we will be able to eat junk food, just not ALL the time..
    As for your friend, she must be gutted!! To have lost all that weight, only to have put it all back on must be hard! And she knows you will lose weight...
    But we all know We have to do the steps and we have to change our eating habits for life if we want to have and keep the life we are working so hard to have.
    Don't let your friend drag you down... you can do it!!

  8. Twinmummy

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    Cambridge Diet
    thank you girls for all your advice..
    the thing is i've never been overweight before having my children and yes since i've had them i've let myself get like this but before i was married etc i was eating pretty normally and didn't eat 'crap' everyday..even after i had them i didn' i'm on this diet so i can lose it fast and then go back to eating normally with the odd treat every now and then..but my friend on the other hand is totally the opposite to me..she has always been a big girl and yes she lost the 4 stone and put it all back on because she's so used to eating takeaways practically everyday.. so we're so different and she's making out we're the same and thinks that i will put it back on like she did but i know i won't cos i've never been this weight b4..all i need to lose is about 2 stone and sort my baby belly out!

    sorry i'm rambling, just needed to get it off my chest..

    i know what eating healthy consists of and once the weight is gone i shall be fine!

    thank you so much for the support and advice, Kd, tillyfloss and curly wurly you're so nice! xx
  9. Food Lover

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    When I had my first meeging with my CDC, I asked her if CD worked, to which she said yes... she also said: "You're the weight you are because of the way you eat, if once you lose the weight you go back to eating the way you did, your weight will go back up!!!!!"...
    She also mentioned that's VERY important to follow the plan and all the steps for the metabolism to return to normal, as many people don't do this and go straight from SS to eating 2000 cal a day...
    So, don't listen to her, it's up to us to learn to be sensible with food, respect our body and food and not over eating...
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