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My GL food diary

I've spent about a week getting to grips with GI/GL. I've read some books and found some recipes.
My favourites are from the Patrick Holford Low GL Cookbook.

I've lost a kilo doing it loosely, but now I'm ready to start properly.

So here is today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge with agave syrup and cinnamon (9.15am)
Snack: 2 apricots (11.30)
Lunch: Smoked mackerel and canellini bean salad (1.00)
Snack: 2 oat cakes with peanut butter (4.00)
Dinner: Beef Moussaka (8.00)

Wish me well!!
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
CB, sounds like you really mean business as you are all geared up and ready to go. Well done on the kg loss. Why don't you set up a ticker on your signature. It gives you great incentive to see it move along each week.
Holford's cookery book has some lovely recipes and it is easy to follow. I have adapted many of them to suit me.
Drink at least two litres of water every day as it will help stop you feeing peckish.
Lots of luck for the coming week.
Thanks for the tip! Have done it :)

Had a great day - loads of energy, didn't feel hungry for a second.

Quick question - I ate the mackerel fillets as advised by Patrick Holford. But when I looked at the calories, they were a whopping 700 cals!!! Seems a scary amount. Should I be a bit cautious in future, or just trust the process?
Thanks everyone

Yesterday's food:

B: porridge w/ agave syrup

S: 2 oat cakes, peanut butter

L: Tuna nicoise salad (no potatoes)

S: 1/2 punnet strawbs
3 sq dark choc

D: oat cake, celery filled with peanut butter, dark choc, pistachio nuts

S: a bit more dark choc

So... a bit of a bitty day, oops
Today's plan

B: Porridge
agave syrup

L: Lentil stew (homemade)

D: red pepper stuffed with brown rice, tomatoes, and mushrooms

Snacks - not too sure yet - prob fruit/ oat cakes/ dark choc as usual!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hope you are having a good day today. Forget about the chocolate incident and move on. Try having some chopped apple or plums to hand for when you feel you want a sugar fix.

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