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Skerry's Low GL Diary

Hi Everyone :wavey:

I hope you don't mind me joining in. I am new to these boards, but not to GL. I lost weight following it a couple of years ago, but a pregnancy later, and I am back to square one (and my "baby" is now 21 months :eek:). Anyway, back on the wagon. I am hoping to lose 2 stones, maybe a little more, but if I can get down to about 11 stone for Christmas, then I will be very happy. I have been following low GL for the past couple of days, so will post my menus from Monday.

Breakfast - toasted rye bread with peanut butter (my staple breakfast), 2 apricots
Snack - fruitus bar
Lunch - prawn salad
Snack - handful nuts
Tea - homemade lamb curry with very small portion brown basmati rice

Breakfast - toasted rye bread with peanut butter, 2 plums
Snack - apple
Lunch - lentil and butternut squash soup
Snack - 2 oatcakes spread with houmous
Tea - Pan-fried chicken with mushrooms, tarragon and a little creme fraiche, served with spring greens; large bowl strawberries

Breakfast - Slice ham, small piece goats cheese, blueberries
Snack - fruitus bar
Lunch - homemade crustless smoked salmon quiche, salad; homemade blackberry crumble
Tea - quinoea with cashew nuts (Patrick Holford recipe); bowl strawberries; couple squares 70% green & Blacks

Breakfast - low GL breakfast muffin, apricots
Snack - apple
Lunch - remains of yesterdays quiche, salad; leftover crumble
Snack - 2 plums, couple of oat cakes
Tea - Greek Dr cauliflower cheese, couple slices ham; couple of squares 70% Green & Blacks

I am resisting the temptation of standing on the scales every morning, but do feel much less bloated already.
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Great menus for the week. You have loads of variety in it. Personally, I keep away from bread as much as possible. I tried rye bread a few times and did not like it so I just steer clear of bread as much as poss.
Lots of luck for your first weigh in.
Thanks Molly. I just find toast so convenient on the mornings that I am working. You know - get up as late as possible, get one kid ready for school, the other ready for nursery, feed them and grab something to eat yourself lol.

As long as I stick to just one slice then I should be ok. Funnily enough I can do that with rye bread - if it was lovely white crusty bread smothered in butter then I would struggle (can you tell that I am dreaming about carbs :eek:).
Skerry I like your menu - lots of variety. I'm with IM on this one, I can't tolerate Rye Bready. For the last 4 mornings I have had Granola (Patrick Holfords recipe), which I have brought to work with me and ate at my desk. I love it and it is so easy.

I've only been GL'ing for 5 days and today is the first day I have energy and don't feel as bloated.

:)Fingers crossed for us all.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
For brekkie, I usually have porridge with a dessert spoon of mixed seeds in it. I just bung 50g in a bowl and pop in the microwave for three minutes and then have a fab filling brekkie. Add some cinnamon, per Patk Holford, and it is yum yum.
Have a good day today.
Bit boring today:
Breakfast: Toasted rye bread with peanut butter, pear
Snack: Couple of oatcakes and houmous
Lunch: butternut squash and lentil soup; apple
Snack: handful of nuts, blueberries
Tea: Sesame quinoe with prawns and cashew nuts

Guilty admission - 2 jammy dodgers *oops*
Well the weekend was a bit of a right-off as we all had a stinking cold, so existed mostly on chicken soup (home made) and pate and oatcakes. I guess with not feeling well I probably ate less than normal, so every cloud and all that ;) Anyway, I have lost 3lbs my first week, so am very happy :)

Today's menu:

Breakfast - low gl breakfast muffin
Snack - fruitus bar (I love these and PH lists their GL as 5)
Lunch - prawn salad
Tea- not sure yet. I am tempted to make a spicy curry to try and get rid of this cold for once and for all. If not, it will be chicken breasts stuffed with boursin cheese and wrapped in parma ham (quick and easy after work). I have a coupld of punnets of strawberries, so that will be lunch. My mid afternoon snack will be an orange (got to keep up that Vit C).

I will post a coupld of recipes to the recipe thread later (on my lunch break just now). Hope everyone else is doing well.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Pity you were poorly over the weekend. Well done on your loss. This should keep you focussed for the coming week.
Hi Skerry, hope you have recovered from your cold and are feeling better. It's tough when you are not feeling well to make good food choices but it looks like you did alright!! Congrats on your loss, that is fantastic! Keep up the good work and hope to see you posting regularly on here. I find it so motivating when I am reading about other people.

Have you any goals set? I decided I would set myself some mini goals as I have 3-4 stone to lose and that seems quite daunting at the moment. First goal, get my BMI under 30 then my weight to 181 pounds (that would mean a 20lb loss). I'm aiming for this by Christmas, definitely can be done! Good luck.
Hmmm, sorry that I've not been on all week. My cold developed into sinusitis, and I couldn't bear the computer screen due to the accompanying headache. All better now though, and another 2 lbs off last week.

So today I have had:

Breakfast - museli with greek style yoghurt; chopped apple and handful blueberries
Snack - mini babybel and pear
Lunch- lentil soup
Tea - chicken breast stuffed with boursin, spring greens.
Sorry you weren't feeling well. it must be the time for sinusitus to play up, I was suffering a bit last week too and my poor Mum is really bad with it....Well done on your loss, that was good going especially with you feeling under the weather!
Today's menu:

Breakfast: rye toast and peanut butter
Snack: fruitus bar
Lunch: lentil soup
Snack: handful nuts
Tea: Egg fried rice (50g brown basmati rice, stir fried with one red pepper, mange tout, prawns, 1 egg, a chilli, seasoned with soya sauce and a little sesame oil).; raspberries
Hmmm, well the end of last week was a complete disaster :break_diet:. I had to go on a couple of study days at the local hospital and, of course, healthy eating does not figure on NHS staff menus. Then by the time I got home on Thursday, I was so tired we ended up with a fish supper for tea :eek: To make matters worse, I had a night out on Friday, made reasonable food choices, but had rather a lot of vino so yesterday I succumbed to the hangover munchies.

Not surprisingly, I have gained 2lbs this week :sigh:

But, I am going to draw a line under it, and have started anew today with porridge with agave syrup for breakfast. Lunch is going to be butternut squash soup, and then for tea I am making a pork and bean casserole.

Luckily I have no more nights out planned (apart from my birthday in two weeks), so straight and narrow from now on.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Aw Skerry, what a pity about the gain but you know you can undo the damage in the coming weeks. If you have study days like this again and know there won't be healthy choices why not bring something with you. I always have a health bar or some fruit with me for emergency situations where nothing on the menu suits me.
I know. I really need to get myself more organised for days like these. Luckily they are few and far between.
Right today (so far so good)

Breakfast: Low gl muffin
Snack: fruitus bar
Lunch: homemade chicken soup, two oatcakes

I have planned tarragon chicken for tea, with fruit for pudding, and will probably have a handful of nuts whilst the children are having theirs (it's the after work/after school time that I find hardest).

I have just had a look on the calander, and realised that there are only 5 weeks until my holiday, so that has spurred me on with my motivation.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Five weeks is a good length of time to get another few pounds off. Don't rush it either. Make GL your plan for life not for a diet. You are making great strides with your menus. Your tarragon chicken sounds lovely. Get out the bottle of water while the kids are having tea. It will keep you from picking!!
Well 3 days back in and I couldn't resist stepping on the scales. Not good I know but...... 3lbs off :D So even if I don't lose any more this week, I am still 1lb down and back on track.

Today I have mostly been eating:p

Breakfast: porridge with agave oil and some flaked almonds
Snack: apple
Lunch: ham omelette (this kept me full until tea so no afternoon snack)
Tea: yellow fish bake with sugar snap peas. 2 squares 70% Lindt choccie

I have rediscovered Dragonfly Tea Earl Grey Roobios, and am drinking it by the mugful. I am sure that this is keeping me full up (and it's caffeine free).

Tomorrow is going to be a tricky day as I won't have time for lunch. I think that I am going to take one of my breakfast muffins into work with me, and I can eat it sat at my desk with maybe a Nakd bar (not strictly low GL but all natural and very tasty).

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