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My head hurts

It's normal, it goes away, it doesn't (normally) come back in cruise.

Drink plenty of water and take it easy.

How long are you doing attack and how long have you got left?
If you still feel crap after 3 days, you could think about shifting to cruise earlier.
I also have a stinking headache Dolly but I'm not sure if that is the diet or the screaming baby (teething and overtired).

Am also thirsty despite the fact I have had a litre and a half of water so far.

Chin up. You can do this x
Yes we can do this!!!

I am NOT giving up as I'm the size of a small water buffalo and go on holiday in exactly 11 weeks, and do not want to look like I am part of the local wildlife to be glared at!!!!!

In fact I am thinking of booking another one for next summer to ensure I stick to it and hopefully will have the figure I desire by then to float around in a bikini :cool:

It's just been difficult as I have been on the computer all afternoon which is just making it worse..
I have had a Headache every day on this diet but I was expecting it. I do love my carbs ( specially my sweets ) so I knew what was coming for me. Another nastie is constipation which I am starting to experience as well.

So I am taking pills for my headaches and a half a tea spoon of epsom salts to act as a mild laxative.

Hope your headache disappears soon!

Take care
Xehorus - as you have so little to lose, and as you are interested in eating better rather than rapid loss, you can move straight to cruise now, and your headache should disappear.

You can probably do without the daily epsom salts as well - your digestive system just needs time to adjust to the change in diet and learn to cope by itself - only use the laxative as a one off if you haven't moved for several days.
Oh, ok Atropos!!!! thank you very much for all your tips and help!!! I am on cruise now so here come the veggies!!!:D

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