My herbalife journey

Discussion in 'Herbalife' started by kakazz, 6 July 2014.

  1. kakazz

    kakazz Active Member

    Saturday 5th July

    Breakfast:~ mint shake with 250ml semi skimmed

    Snack:~ tuna stuffed tomatoes

    Lunch:~ beef salad

    Snack:~ cherries

    Dinner:~ shake with semi skimmed milk

    hope this is ok, advise and tips gratefully accepted :)
  2. vixp

    vixp Well-Known Member

    Looking good :) I been doing herbalife a week lost 6lb feel amazing xxx
  3. jadestar86

    jadestar86 Well-Known Member

    Looks fine but add some more protein to your snacks if you are feeling hungry x
  4. Clover89

    Clover89 Well-Known Member

    How are you getting on kakazz? X
  5. kakazz

    kakazz Active Member

    sorry i have not been posting much, things are not going good at the moment as i have damaged my ribs and can barely move and am just not eating x
  6. superslim1972

    superslim1972 Well-Known Member

    Hi kakazz,
    How are you finding herbalife I would have been on it a week on Thursday & I'm loving it

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