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My Inspiration Journal

Hello everyone
I hope that this journal will become the inspiration to lose the weight and most importantly keep it off.

I am 53 years of age and my daughter is getting married in Cyprus next year so I want to look my best.

I joined the local SW on the 1st August
My starting weight was 14 stones and 8 pounds. I am 5'8" so quite overweight.

On the 15th August I got weighed again and I am 13:11½

So Slimming World works!!!!!!!!!

So that's it for now. Short and sweet.
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Really likes to cook
Welcome to the SW club and good luck with your quest!
I have been a member since May 2011 and so far I have lost almost 3.5 stone (1lb to go!) Sill enjoy my food and have never eaten so much.
I make most of my recipes from scratch so I know what's in them!I eat lots of salads and fruit and I find that they help to loose weight along with lots of soups.
Good luck again.
Hey Pete
Well done for losing 3½ stones. I had a poor week this week and put on 1½ lb.

But here on Merseyside we had the Matthew Street Festival. So I guess I can be excused. I'ts only once a year. :rolleyes:
Hi again
At the Monday weigh-in I lost 1lb. So now I'm 13.7.
I'm over the moon. The value I get from staying for the meetings (as opposed to getting weighed and leaving...as some do) is immense.
This week we talked about our top tips. Things that we find help in our quest to lose the weight. Well, I even found out something new about Quark.
If anyone doesnt know what it is, its a low fat cottage cheese. I usually have it on crispbread.
Anyway the thing I got told is that you can add a sweetener and it tastes like cream.
So when I got home I got 2 merangue bases, 1 for me and 1 for the missus, fried some strawberries with splenda and sprayed with 1Cal can Balsamic spray, put these in the bases and topped with Quark! How cool is that?
Lost 3lbs this week. Down to 13.4 :D
That's 1 stone 4 lbs in total.
Went to Newcastle this weekend and had a great time. Amazing place. I kept to my eating plan as much as I could. A really nice good sized breakfast every morning that kept me going all day. Shopping in the day, and lovely evening meals.
Lots of beer throughout!

Got weighed on Monday and I had lost 1 lb :D

13s.3lb now.
My daughter recently became a qualified nurse so we all went into Liverpool city centre on Saturday for a meal. The place was called Viva Brazil...and it was just fab.

Then we went to a bar in Mathew street called Rubber Soul. I drank far too much Guinness. Great times.

Anyway, thats me done with the partying till Christmas. The last few weekends have all been a bit much. Back to the diet.

Got weighed today and I stayed the same as last week at 13st.3lb.....at least I haven't put any weight back on.:eek:
Hey peeps

At todays weigh-in I lost ½ lb. After the last few weekends I was expecting just a small loss and so it proved to be.

I am now 13.2½ :D
I missed typing in the last few weeks weigh-ins.

So just to set the record straight...

17/Oct I got to 13 stone :D

24/Oct I gained 2 lbs taking me back up to 13.2:17729:.....:cry: I had a bit of a revolt against this slimming world stuff and I had chocolate digestive biscuits and crisps.....I guess old habits die hard?

So that brings me up to today..

A brilliant 4½ lb loss :eek::D.

I am now below the 13 stone mark and weigh 12.11½.....how cool is that??
I missed last weeks weigh-in due to family issues. I went tonight and I have stayed at 12.11½.

I'm really pleased as I thought I had put weight on.

Tonight was a taster session. It's the first one I have had at our club. It was brill!!

A rough chicken and walnut type pate that would be great on crackers.
A trifle to die for, full of strawberrys (this was my favourite)
Fruit cake...I could of ate the lot!
Biscuits...with icing :eek:.
Fruit fool...absolutely delish.

I have kinda stayed away from desserts and have just been eating Muller Light and fruit....time to experiment methinks!!
Wow!!..over a year since my last post. And as you might guess..I have put most of the weight back on :(. Earlier in the year (January) there were rumours of redundancies and the missus and I decided to cut back on our finances. After all we had a wedding to go to. So I decided to stop going to SW weekly meetings and save the money. I figured that as I was losing weight regularly I just had to keep doing what I was already doing and all would be well.

The target weight for my daughters wedding was to be just under 12 stone..11/12 something like that. I actually got to 12/2, so I wasn't too far away and really pleased.

So we went to the wedding and had a really great time/holiday, my daughter was stunning and everything was rosy. This was in September 2012.

But once the wedding was over it seemed as if my mind said.."Iv'e done it now, so sod it, I'll eat what I like"

And also as it happens I was made redundant 2 days after I got home on the 15th September.

No job and no aims (weight wise).

So I have gorged myself silly since September and the Christmas period with a mixture of self pity and lack of will power.

The thing is..at the moment, I have a perverse masochistic desire to pile on the pounds just see the weight coming off again when I go back to SW style of eating.....go figure!

I guess what I am saying is that I know that losing weight shouldn't be for a short term goal, but should be for lifelong wellbeing.....however I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself.

The belt on my pants is starting to dig in to my belly again and I have 'lost' a hole for the belt buckle.

I hope 2013 will be a better year.

Anyway, I have had a few job interviews and hopefully one of them will come up trumps for me and I can get 'back into the routine' and feel some self respect again.

Happy New year to everyone and I wish you all well.
Hey everyone
Well things weren't been too kind last year. I could only get agency work. Working for 2 weeks and then finding yourself outta work the following week is not good for the soul. And this is the way it has been until 5 weeks ago when I got myself a permanent job. So no more 'can I pay the mortgage this month' stresses for me.:D
I guess because of the uncertainties, my eating habits were all over the place (thats my excuse anyway).
So now that I feel OK I went to the local SW club and got weighed today. I came in at 13 stone 13lb +½...........I suppose my masochistic desire came true.:)

Anyway, I'm back on track and raring to go. I have also updated my stats.
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