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My introduction, also restarting CD-2nd time round!

Hi everyone,
My name is Susan, I am 41 (soon to be 42, but we won’t talk about that), married for nearly 23 years to my wonderful husband Ian, we have three children, two girls, 21 & 17 and a boy 14. My 21 year old is making me a grandma around 3rd May and I am totally not prepared for that at all, but that’s a story for another day..lol!
Anyway, I did CD last year and lost 3 stone in 3 months before going on our first holiday in 9 years to Mexico, I’m so glad I lost the weight because I don’t think I would have even booked it if I hadn’t have lost all that weight, it made all the difference to the holiday and it was fantastic!
A month before the hols I tore the large muscle in the back of my calf and I was on crutches for two weeks, It was a miracle I recovered and didn’t have to cancel the holiday, everything seemed fine until we came back and I started to suffer with chronic back pain then also since Christmas chronic neck pain – this may have had something to do with being on crutches and awakening old wounds so I’m told as I had similar problems about 8 years ago. So I recently had a MRI scan (thanks to private heath care my hubbies employer pays for) on my back and neck to find that basically 3 discs in neck 'had it', 3 discs in lower back 'had it' too! Been on painkillers and anti-inflammatory for god knows how long and next Thursday I am going into the North Staffs Nuffield hospital to have facet joint injections in my lower back so hopefully after 3-5 days of more agony (so I'm told) these injections will block the pain and I get to go back to work in about a months time (crikey, I only do 2 eight hours shifts, but mainly standing and can't even do that)!
When I was on CD I got into a comfy 16s, tight 14s, I am now back in a tight 18s, eating really healthy (we are all vegetarians, with me trying to convert to vegan), but no exercise for about 6 months, even 13 minutes on my treadmill put me in total agony! But I am now managing a walk everyday, not without pain, but I know how far to take it!
I haven't weighed myself for about 4 months and I am not going to, this time I am going to use clothes as a guide, if I see the numbers on the scale it will just sink me into depression! I have put some weight back on, don’t think all of it and I am not trying to make excuses but to me pain = depression/lack of exercise = weight gain!
I have 25 CD packs left from last year and am in the process of doing the ‘slow introduction back to ssing’ hopefully I will be ssing completely on Monday 12th February, I thought it would be the right time to give it another shot because I am expecting after Thursday to be out of action totally for a few days and I want to shift at least a stone before returning back to work!
I used to post occasionally on the discovery health forum and that is where I heard about this forum, I see a few familiar names on here, I hope I can join in now and again!
I hope I can do it as well as last time……it would be wonderful!

Apologies for the long post but I felt I needed to introduce myself ect before replying to any posts!!

Cheers all….susan xx
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Hi Susan :D

Lovely to see you, to read about how you are at the moment and to welcome you to Minimins :)

I have every confidence that you will acheive what you want as far as weight loss and I hope you can already see how much support there is here as well as a really good time with many laughs :D

Glad you decided to make the switch and join us all.

Look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better.

Lacey :)
Very best of luck! This is a lovely forum.

I've found it invaluable over the last week.


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