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My Job so doesn't help with this diet LOL


will achieve target
I make Wedding and celebration cakes for a living and I'm just about to go out to the Bakehouse and bake up some celebration cupcakes for this weekend ... this job is hard when you cant taste the frosting to check it's ok and the cuppies before they go out !!! just have to rope my hubby in to be chief taster from now on lol .. just hope I don't forget and take a sneeky lick of the spoon !!!;)
I'm doing so well and don't wanna mess up this time around lol .. so will have to be on my guard ha ha... wish me luck :D
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I've started a new job in a pastie factory and they give out freebies for staff lunch.

However, watching a production line for hours at a time does absolutely nothing to make me want to eat them, I've not even been tempted.

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